Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And in this corner, from the Mr. Duke blog, the taller half of the S.T.O.B crew...Mr. Duke!!

I take Duke seriously...

Cheers!  I am the other half of this blog.  My name is Ben (Mr. Duke), 26 and also a resident of Minne-snow-ta.  Obviously from my other blog I am a huge fan of Duke.  I understand why you may think I am a huge bandwagon jumper by being a Duke fan.  You probably think I am some sports elitist who love’s the Yankees, Cowboys, Red Wings and UConn women’s basketball.  You couldn’t be more incorrect. 

I fell in love with Duke in 1992 when Christian Laettner hit “The Shot” against Kentucky.  As many 7 year old kids do, I jumped on a bandwagon.  I wonder if the shot hadn't fallen if I would've become a Kentucky fan...hmm?  The thing is though, this obsession stuck and I am more obsessed now than ever.  Other sports teams of interest to me?  Not exactly world beaters here: Buffalo Bills (again early 90’s bandwagon jumping at age 7), Chicago Cubs (Sammy Sosa guy in ‘98), Minnesota Twins (live here and again…early 90’s), Minnesota Vikings (ugh),  and the Minnesota T’Wolves (Yikes).  As you can see, outside of Duke, I root for losers, so much like Ken I have some tears in my beer.

Speaking of Ken, arguing sports with Kenny is like playing tug o’ war with a bulldog, the kid isn’t going to give in to your point of view no matter what.  I also am not one to easily give in on an argument I feel strongly about.  The result when we are combined is some very epic sports discussions (arguments) in which Ken and I could go on forever unless Mrs. Duke or the groups of friends who are standing about stop us.  It is going to be fun to battle Ken on this blog in both text and audio with blogs and podcasts. 

One thing Ken and I agree on is a mutual enjoyment in sports and beer.  The mix of the two is as American as apple pie.  My go to beer is Grain Belt Premium, a Minnesota classic.  So with Ken going Summit and myself going Premium, I guess we are beer homers.  Yet, we both love a variety of sports and beers and will discuss all of it right here, trust me this will not be a Minnesota/Duke focused blog only.

Now that you know us both a little and you know what to expect from this blog, in the next day or so we will begin with the meat and potatoes (which like sports, go good with beer).

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