Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our Sports and Beer Pairings!

So, Mr. Duke and I have decided to pick 5 random sports that we watch, or sometimes watch; and pair a beer that we would drink while watching said sports. The 5 sports we have decided on today are College Basketball, NBA, NFL, MLB and WWE. We will both be posting a list and you can vote on which sport and beer combo you would enjoy watching and drinking the most.

Kenny's Pairings -

College Basketball - Newcastle Brown Ale

I usually like to drink a variety of beer while watching CBB, but I think my most favorite would have to a nice cold Newcastle Brown Ale. This beer appears to have the love of a darker beer, but goes down smooth. The reason I am picking this for CBB is because I usually follow a losing team, so that can be kind of a dark feeling, but at the end of the day, it’s nothing but smooth love for my team. NBA - Sam Adam's Light 

When watching an NBA game, it is usually later at night, so I don’t want anything all that heavy. So, I would have to say my favorite beer while watching an NBA game is Sam Adam's Light. This is a very underrated beer in my opinion. It has the same flavor as Sam Adams, just a little less heavy and less filling. The reason I am picking this for NBA is because I don’t really follow the NBA all that close; so I would say I have a light interest in it.

NFL - Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat

Ahh, the NFL, one of my least favorite sports. However, this also is on of my favorite times of year to drink beer. For the NFL season, I usually like to drink a fruity beer that is full of flavor and reminds me of summer. So, for my favorite beer while watching an NFL, I have to go with Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat. The reason I am picking this beer is because it reminds me of summer and summer is my favorite part of the year. However, as we all know, once NFL starts, winter is just around the corner. I want to hold onto summer as long as possible.

MLB - Summit Horizon Red Ale

I love MLB. Nothing is better than sitting outside watching a game drinking. Heck, even sitting at home drinking and watching baseball is the Cat’s PJ’s. Since games are usually about 3 hours, I like a nice beer that keeps my interest. So, the beer I would go with is Summit Horizon Red Ale. This is a hoppy, crisp and very tasty beer. This one will keep you interested because it’s almost like every sip brings a different taste.

WWE - Budweiser

Now, we kind of picked this one as a joke, since we both don’t really watch it. So, if I did watch WWE, I would have to say I would drink Budweiser. The reason is because almost everyone that watches WWE is in the same ilk as a Nascar fan. Which, we all know, only drink Budweiser, because it seems like the right thing to do. I have to be honest, I don’t like Budweiser at all, but if WWE is on, a 40oz of this hick brew just feels right.

Ben's Pairings -
College Basketball – Grain Belt Premium

I take college basketball seriously.  So when I am having a beer while taking in some college basketball I want something that doesn’t require much of my attention, a beer I know well.  So with my favorite sport I go with my favorite beer, Grain Belt Premium.  Not heavy, touch of sweetness, great drinkability and I know it well so I know that when I am focused on the game there will be no distraction from my liquid libation.

I love the NBA, but seriously, outside of some highlight plays here and there early on in the game, it’s all about the 4th quarter.  So for ¾ of the game I need something somewhat interesting in my hand that’s still not overpowering so I don’t miss a big dunk or block.  Tilburg Dutch Brown Ale is a brew that is reminiscent of Newcastle in taste, different to me in that it has a bit more fruity taste and is a bit lighter.  Tilburg is a great beer to enjoy with The Association, with just enough great flavors to keep you interested, but not in any way overpowering.

NFL – Guinness 

Pairing a beer with the NFL for me can be tough.  I have to admit that on Sundays drinking beer isn’t usually high on my priority list.  So when taking in the afternoon NFL festivities I like a beer I can take my time with.  I don’t want something I slam down and end up having too many of on a Sunday.  I want a beer that takes some time to get down, that’s why I go with Guinness.  Guinness is a great beer, so unique it hardly tastes like beer really it’s got a ton of coffee flavor to it.  I can’t have much more than two Guinness in a sitting anyways so it’s a perfect beer for some Sunday football.

MLB – Magic Hat #9

Baseball is one of my least favorite games to watch unless I am in the ballpark and even then after 7 innings I am ready to move to the next thing the day has to offer.  So when pairing a beer with baseball I need something more interesting than the game (Bud Light might be more interesting to me but for the sake of this blog we’ll go with something a little different).    Magic Hat #9, this brew will keep you and your group guessing and, in my experience, in a good conversation about it, for at least 3-4 innings of ball.  Please if you’ve had this ale, comment on the blog and tell me what you tasted.

I watch the WWE as often as I drink a 40, if I watch/drink either once within a year it’d be 1 time too many.  So I figure if I am watching WWE, I might as well be drinking a 40 as well and get them both out of the way right there and then forget about them.  Describing the taste of Olde English…hmmm…its like if you just blew chunks and still had that taste in your mouth, then took a swig of Miller High Life (been there, I think on my 21st birthday…DB Searles in St. Cloud.  Still too young to know the only High Life to mess with is Light). 

Now go vote on the poll for your favorite of our pairings and please comment with a pairing of your own!

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  1. Haven't even tried magic hat 9 or tilberg beers. New idea for weekend of basketball! Thanks guys for creating the blog!