Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What the Heck is Going On Around Here?!?!?

"Ok you gotta funny picture of a crying baby with, why how goofy, a beer in front of him!"

Easy there blog viewer guy.  This blog is just getting it's feet under it, and once it finds it's balance you'd better buckle up. 

"Why?  What are you going to do that's better than any of the other million sports blogs?"

Well we are glad you asked.  Podcasting, two very different perspectives on sports and an easy to approach sports commentary for both sports junkies and sports beginners. 

"I don't like sports, I am a 24 year old gal who likes fashion."

Ok well here is an option for you from a fashion forward friend of mine (fashionista you could call her) that you will enjoy.  Or if you are like our (imaginary) 24 year old gal and aren't interested in sports you are also in luck because we will also be stepping outside of the sports arena as well.

"I think I can do this better than both of you, but I don't want to start a blog, so out of spite I am not interested in your blog."

Your in luck as well Spitey Pete!  Want to write something on a subject that you like to talk about over a beer?  Send it to us!  If we find it interesting, or believe other's would, we'll post it and give you full credit for your amazing work.

So there will be podcasts, over beer discussion, not just sports, you the people getting an opportunity to add to the blog, and overall quality entertainment via a blog.

We hope you will check back often to see what we are up to, thanks.

S.T.O.B is now up and running!


  1. Even though I am a 24 year old fashionista, I still subscribed to this blog...twice! :)

  2. Thanks Em! Hopefully all the people from your blog will now follow this one, Mr. Duke and MNsportssidefx.