Monday, April 25, 2011

American League Central Power Rankings (4/25-5/1)

Well, it looks like their will be some shift in the power rankings this week. The Indians are still high at #2, but, they didn’t fair well at Target Field this weekend. They lost both games played (only played 2 due to inclement weather Friday night) and may have lost the third. I bet the Indians are the only ones happy the Friday game wasn’t played. I mean, no one wants to drop in my power rankings and that is exactly what happened. As you can tell by the picture, the Detroit Tigers are the new #1. They just took 3 from the lowly White Sox. What happened to that team? Will Ozzie stay? Find out next week.

Here are my rankings:

1. Detroit Tigers (12-10): Steak – Won 4. Stock – Rising

2. Cleveland Indians (13-8): Streak - Lost 3. Stock – Dropping

3. Minnesota Twins (9-12): Streak – Won 3. Stock – Rising

4. Kansas City Royals (12-10): Streak – Lost 3. Stock – Dropping

5. Chicago White Sox (8-14): Steak – Lost 3. Stock - Dropping

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