Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kyrie Irving Leaves DUKE….Oh, and S.T.O.B is going to start podcasting tomorrow.

Well, it’s the news you have been waiting to hear about for weeks. You have seen the rumors on the blogs and maybe even seen a facebook post or two. S.T.O.B is starting to podcast tomorrow night. So, with that being said, we want some reader suggestions.

The format we are going to use is pretty simple. Mr. Duke and I are going to each pick out a random 6 pack of beer at the local liquor store. We will then each think of 6 topics to talk about, for a total of 12 topics. We will see how nice we are to each other after the 3rd or 4th brew.

So, since we don’t want this blog to be all about us, we want you to throw some topics out. If we pick your topic, you will get a shout out on the podcast. This will allow you to brag to all of your friends about how famous you are. So, email us at

Oh yeah, Kyrie is really leaving. You can check out Mr. Duke and also tune into the podcast, I’m sure he will bring it up.


  1. Who's choosing the random beer? I say have
    a reader choose the beer so we (I can
    choose a beer that has 10% alcohol so
    the podcast is really entertaining...) know it's
    completely "random" (not your choice, because
    Bud light clamato would be entertaining as well).
    Just a thought.

  2. Oh and one of your topics should be
    who has the best name in sports to be
    used as a euphemism for genitalia or sex.

  3. Thanks for the ideas. What beer would you suggest for us to drink tonight? Remember, we are each picking a random 6 pack. So two suggestions would be best.

  4. Sierra Nevada bigfoot For Ben

    And the pack of MGD I found behind my
    Apartment dumpster last July for Kenny.

    Sessions Black is a good bullshitting beer.
    Fulton street stuff is good.

    Zima with a jolly rancher.

    Honestly I've been going to micro breweries
    And getting growlers lately. Which is typically
    Stuff you can't get in stores.

  5. No MGD for me, thanks. Sierra Nevada is good stuff. I don't think I have tried any Sessions stuff, Fulton street is good.

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