Thursday, April 21, 2011

NBA Most Improved Player Award for 2010-2011

Kevin Love Wins 2010-2011 Most Improved Player??

Well, our sources are saying that this is going to be announced at a 2pm (central time) press conference here in Minnesota. If this is true, it should come as no surprise. The man was a beast this year. He averaged 35.8 MIN and 20pts a game, while shooting 47% from the field, not to mention 42% from deep and 85% from the free throw line. Those numbers are great, but the real stat you need to focus on when talking Kevin Love, is rebounding. He averaged 4.5 offensive boards and 10.7 defensive boards, for a total average of 15.2 rebounds a game. That’s right, he averaged 20 pts and 15 rebounds a game. Pretty impressive right? Yeah, it is and when you throw in the fact that he had 53 straight double doubles this season. 53. He had a total of 64 this year. Now remember, there are only 82 games in an NBA season and he missed 9 of the 82, meaning he played in a total of 73 games. So, that means there were only 9 games (that he played in) where he didn’t record a double double. That is an amazing stat when you consider he had a total of 65 the previous 2 years (29, 36). So, like we said, it should come as no surprise that Kevin Love will be the first T-Pup to win this award. The only surprise would be, if he didn’t.

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