Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Weekly Feature: What is Kenny listening to?

Those of you that know me; know music is a great passion of mine. Be it going to a concert, picking up a random CD or just talking about it. I always try to tell everyone that will hear me, about the music I am currently listening to. Some of my friends enjoy my recommendations, others just like a few. Well, what better place to share this info than on our blog.

So, this week I am listening to a couple of CD’s pretty much all day.

The first of which is “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by Kanye West. Now, I didn’t go out and buy this CD. Nope, it was a gift from my girlfriend. I think she kind of wanted it as well, so it worked out well. As everyone did, I feel in love with his first CD, “College Dropout”. But, after that, his ego grew and his music didn’t. I was not a fan of the other CD’s he released after “College Dropout” until this one. He went back to what he does best, rapping. No one really wants to hear Kanye sing, he isn’t Babyface. We want to hear him rap and take shots at people, which he does very well on this CD. My favorite tracks are, “Runaway, “Gorgeous” and “Hell of A Life”

The next CD is Expanding Anyway” by Morning Teleportation. Now, I have never heard of this band until this week. I love going to random concerts, so I check out the 7th Street Entry website to see if anyone good was there. I didn’t see any names I knew, so, I just decided to Google one of the random bands playing on Saturday. When I did, I found out this band has opened for Modest Mouse, which is a great band. So, I figured what the heck, I’ll give them a listen. Man, am I glad I did. This is going to be a great summer CD. So, if you are a fan of Modest Mouse, The Kooks and The Arctic Monkeys, do yourself a favor and give this band a listen. Also, if you have $8 to spare and nothing to do Saturday night, check them out live. You just might run into me there. My Favorite songs on the CD are, “Eyes The Same”, “Treble Chair” and “Foreign Planes”

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  1. What's with this Ken only post? Where's Ben!!!!

  2. No worries there Sidney, my post is up now. NFL Mock Draft - http://sportstearsinourbeers.blogspot.com/2011/04/stobs-2011-nfl-mock-draft.html

  3. Hey Sidney, thanks again for posting a comment! So, where are you from and is there anything you would like brought up on this weeks podcast? Thanks.