Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Super Way Too Early 2011-2012 NCAA Basketball Top 10 Rankings

With the college basketball season over, we know that our STOB readers need to know who our 2011-2012 Top 10 teams are. So here ya go.

Ben’s Picks –

So my prediction was wrong. UConn is the champ, in one of the uglier games you will ever see. I don’t think it was ugly because either team was bad, just because both teams were obviously a bit nervous and bad shooting can be contagious…very, very contagious. So instantly, since I am neither a fan of UConn nor Butler, I wonder…who are the contenders to win it all next year?

1. North Carolina

It seems 50/50 that Barnes will come back. If I had to guess I’d say he does come back along with Zeller and Henson. Add a great recruiting class and UNC will start the year at #1.

2. Ohio State

Jared Sullinger, Aaron Craft, William Buford and Deshaun Thomas will be coming back it looks like. Add to that a top 5 recruiting class to make up for the departures of Deibler and Lighty and the Buckeyes aren’t going anywhere.

3. Duke -

Duke comes in 3rd with the assumption that Kyrie Irving is gone. If he returns and Duke also lands top 5 SF recruit DeAndre Daniels, Duke could definitely be in contention with UNC for the top spot preseason. Without either, Duke will still be top 5 and I’ll say 3rd with the top high school player Austin Rivers, Michael Gbinije, Marshall Plumlee and Quinn Cook. Returning impact players, outside of the on the fence Irving, Seth Curry, Andre Dawkins, Miles/Mason Plumlee, Tyler Thornton, Ryan Kelly and Josh Hairston.

4. Texas -

Tristan Thompson, Jordan Hamilton and Cory Joseph will be back. If Rick Barnes can get out of their way they’ll be very tough…until March.

5. Kentucky -

Teflon John (Calipari) has yet again locked up (legally or illegally) another great recruiting class. The top class in fact. If Knight and Jones make their expected exodus to the NBA it will be another year of great freshman getting Kentucky into the tourney only to come up short of finishing the job again.

The other 5:

6. Syracuse

7. Memphis

8. Louisville

9. Michigan

10. Cincinnati

Final Four predictions in New Orleans 2011-2012 – Duke, Louisville, UNC and Michigan

Champion 2011-2012 – UNC

Kenny’s Picks –

Well, unlike Ben, my prediction was right. Uconn is the champ and Butler is left crying at mid-court once again. Don’t get me wrong, I, like Ben am not a huge fan of either team, I just like being right. So, that is why you should bet on this being the pre-season top 10 for 2011-2012 Men’s College Basketball season.

1. Ohio State-

They were the team that held done the #1 spot for the longest last year. They aren’t really losing anyone except for Lighty and Deibler. They are bringing in the #4 recruiting class and will be in the water downed big 10.

2. Duke-

I hate to put Duke here, but they will be good. I don’t see Kyrie leaving (sorry T-pups fans), and they are bringing in the #3 recruiting class. This team could go undefeated the whole year. I know Mr. Duke is shocked reading this from a known Gopher fan, MNsportssidefx.

3. North Carolina-

Barnes, Zeller, Henson and the #6 recruiting class. That is really all that needs to be said here.

4. Kentucky-

I think they lose a lot, but they will also gain a lot with the #1 recruiting class. I have heard rumors of Coach Cal thinking about going back to the NBA. If that happens, they drop.

5. Michigan-

This team is the Phoenix Suns of college basketball. Every single kid that hits the floor will shoot a 3. They love to run and gun. They grew a lot this year and the off-season will only bring them closer.

The other 5:

6. Purdue

7. Louisville

8. Butler

9. Syracuse

10. Kansas

For the gopher fans wondering why I didn’t go “homer” and put them in the top 10, I am putting them 22nd.

Final Four Predictions in New Orleans 2011-2012- Duke, Ohio State , Florida , Minnesota .

Champion 2011-2012 = Duke (Yuck)

Now we wait and see what happens with players who have NBA possibilities and what he few remaining undeclared recruits decide. Once all that is settled we will go over the preseason rankings and predictions prior to the season. For now though, every team can dream about “next year”.

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