Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is Kenny Listening To This Week?

This week I will be rocking out to pretty much one CD, because I can't get enough of it:

Travis Barker: Give The Drummer Some.

As a lot of you know, I'm a big Blink 182 fan, so it probably comes as no surprise that I follow the side projects. This one though, is a little different. It isn't the pop punk you would expect from a member of Blink 182. No, it is a rock rap album. Travis Barker is known in the music industry as one of the best, most versatile drummers out there. Everyone wants to work with him. He has played drums on stage for Eminem, Lil' Wayne and others. This CD, is just that. It is Barker drumming to others rapping. It is a nice change from the normal drum machines you usually hear. There are a ton of rappers joining him on this project. Anyone from Jay-Z to Lupe Fiasco. If you like what Travis does, and like hip-hop, this is a must listen. Check out some samples here. My favorite songs on the CD are, "If You Want To", "Devils Got A Hold" and "Saturday Night"

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