Friday, April 1, 2011

What is STOB Listening To?

So, over the past week, you have learned what kind of sports we like and what kinds of beer we like. Well now, you are going to learn about what kind of music we like. Hopefully something here will make your ears dance with joy.

Kenny's Choices-

When it comes to music, I’m pretty much stuck in high school. My favorite band is Blink 182 and I just love pop-punk all around. However, every once in awhile, I can switch it up and listen to pretty much anything. Here are the 3 CD’s I have been listening to the most lately.

Vices & Virtues – Panic! At the Disco

I have listened to these guys for awhile now. This is their first CD as a duo. The other band members have moved onto other projects. It might be a good thing they did, because this might be the best Panic! CD yet. The beats are fresh and the lyrics are what you would expect them to be. If you get a chance, check them out. My favorites on the CD are Memories, Let’s Kill Tonight and Sarah Smiles.

Inside Out – The Kooks

I have just started getting into these guys. I’m glad that I did. These guys are fun and a very easy listen. Heck, even my mom likes them. They are a British pop-rock band, kind of along the lines of Phoenix. As my girlfriend likes to say, “This is a (gosh-darn) greatest hits album”. It isn’t, but every song is just that good. Check it out; you won’t be mad at me if you do. My favorites on the CD are Na├»ve, Matchbox, See the World.

Two Tongues – Two Tongues

If you are a fan of the bands Saves the Day and Say Anything, this is a nice surprise. It combines the lead singers of both bands and creates one great album. You can tell it is a CD by the two bands, but it is still something fresh and new. The album has more of an indie rock feel to it, than either Saves the Day or Say Anything. I think even if you aren’t a fan of the other two bands, this will still catch your ear. My favorites on the CD are Don’t You Want To Come Home, If I Could Make You Do Things and Wowee Zowee.

Ben's Choices-

Name a genre of music and I’ll probably be able to find something in there I like.  I have everything in my music library from Atmostphere to ZZ Top (that was the first and last of my artist list so that was pretty literal).  Throw in Sinatra, Adele, Zeppelin, Temper Trap, Phoenix, A Tribe Called Quest, Jay Z and Ray Lamontagne with many other artists and you see the variety that I enjoy.  So with my music palate my three albums that I’ve listened to the most lately reflect that variety with rap, alternative/blues and then metal.

To All My Friend’s, Blood Makes the Blade Holy – Atmosphere

I think it was maybe put in to Minnesota law in the early 2000’s that, as a Minnesota male in your 20’s you have to listen to and like Atmosphere, or risk being thrown in jail.  I think that law, although not truly in books, is adhered to more than the law against texting while driving.  I am innocent, I have been listening to this album every single Friday afternoon commute since getting it.  Going on almost a decade of fandom of the group Atmosphere, this is just another one of their album’s I enjoy.  My favorite songs on the album are Scalp, Until the Nipples Gone (sorry it’s their title I just like the song) and Shotgun.

Brothers - The Black Keys

By far the album, Brothers, has been my most played consistently in the past 3 months.  Almost every song is great on this album.  The bluesy rock of the Black Keys is irresistible to me.  There is just “coolness” to all the tracks that I have rarely found on any other album to this degree.  If you haven’t picked this one up yet, you need to…riiight abooout…now.  It will fit so many people’s tastes, as its hip and current, yet you get a lot of great classic rock influences coming through as well.   Favorite songs are Everlasting Light, The Only One, Too Afraid to Love You, These Days and I’m Not the One…I could go on but then I’d probably just name the entire track list so I’ll just stop there.

As Daylight Dies – Killswitch Engage

I don’t want to think about anything, I just want my speakers to strain, a hook I can scream with in my car (until somebody pulls up beside me then I’ll make it look like I am yawning), and I want an album that’s pace almost never slows down from start to finish.  Well then what you need to pick up is As Daylight Dies by Killswitch Engage.  Not convinced you love that scream crazy metal?  Give this album a try.  It has a nice mix of some hard death growling screams with melodic singing.  I usually am not a huge fan of the death screams but the mix is perfect for my taste in this album.  Favorite songs are Break the Silence, Daylight Dies, My Curse, and Still Beats Your Name.


  1. The Kooks are my all time favorite band, hands down. What about Konk? Or do you prefer Inside Out?

  2. Hey Em, I actually really like both cd's. Right now though, "Inside Out" is just working for me. I do switch between the two very often though. I hear there is a rumor they have a new CD coming out this year, can't wait.