Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 NBA Draft Lottery Predictions 2.0

Well, the NBA draft lottery is tonight. Which team will be the lucky winner this year? You can tune in between 7-8pm central time, or just look here. We have updated our top 4, so take a look and let us know what you think.

1. Cleveland - 19.9% chance of getting the first pick. - This team needs something good to happen to them and Kyrie Irving is just that. Will he make people forget about LBJ? Probably not, but it's a start.

2. Minnesota - 25% chance of getting the first pick. - The Timberwolves probably want the second pick in this draft, that way they don't have to take another PG. Unless of course our trade wish happens (See Rubio signing with timberwolves? post). If they don't think Rubio is ever coming, they will want the first pick. They could probably than package Rubio and the 20th pick to move back into the top 10. Lots of options this year.

3. Toronto - 15.6% chance of getting the first pick. - The Raptors were 22-60 last year, not good. Not to mention the fan base isn't strong and really hasn't been since the Vince Carter days. They want either pick one or two so they can get, what most are calling, one of the two locks in this draft. Sorry Raptor fans, we had you getting the first pick in our first predictions, but just don't see it any more. For your sake, I hope we are wrong.

4. Detroit - 4.3% chance of getting the first pick. - The Pistons, need just that. Something in the teams engine to get the fuel pumping again. They went 30-52 last year and looked really old and frustrated doing it. They have a lot of guys making big money, that aren't producing. If they can get a guy like Enes Kanter, I think they should do it. But, with what happened with Darko, I'm sure the Pistons are the last team that would take him. Do they reach for a guy like Kemba Walker? Wouldn't be the worst idea. Kid has some spunk and might just be what they need in that locker room.

Well, there you have it. That's how the ping pong balls will fall this year. Pass it on to your friends. They will think you are, as a PA from KFan would say, "A great basketball mind", once they see that you were right.

If you have a top 4 prediction you would like to share, email us at sportstearsinourbeers@yahoo.com

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