Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011 NBA Mock Draft - D "the producers" Picks

As promised, we have another Mock Draft for you. This one comes from D "the producer". As well, feel free to comment on it. By that, we mean rip it, praise it, we don't care, we can take it. Also, we are still looking for more "guest mocks", so if you are interested and want your mock posted on Saturday, please email

D's Picks-

1. Cleveland – Kyrie Irving – Most NBA ready player in the draft. Possibly a franchise PG

and with the 4th pick, the Cav’s can also draft their big man.

2. Timberwolves – Derrick Williams – Wolves avoid a PR nightmare by not receiving the pick. With Rubio coming over this year???? and a stock pile of PG’s, the wolves take a get out of jail free card and will draft Dwill. Wolves have too many big men as well though; look for trades and major moves.

3. Utah Jazz – Brandon Knight - With the void Deron Williams left after being traded to the Nets, the Jazz look to rebuild with another guard.With Kirilenko, Raja Bell, Mehmet Okur, Hayward, and rising star Jeremy Evans, the Jazz are set for PF’s and SF’s.

4. Cleveland – Enes Kanter – Now Cleveland has a guard and a big man. Kanter can play inside and outside and is often compared to Dirk.

5. Toronto – Bismack Biyombo – Watch his Youtube videos and tell me what you think. Beast!!!!

6. Washington – Jonas Valanciunas - Do the Wizards even have a good big man to pair up with John Wall? This pick is a lock unless John wall talks them into picking an American born player. It might be to hard to teach Jonas the DOUGIE….

7. Sacramento – Kawhi Leonard - Great athlete that will pair nicely with Mr. Evans and most importantly, CAN PLAY D-FENSE, which the Kings cant find with a search light.

8. Detroit – Jordan Hamilton – The Pistons like Hamiltons and Tayshaun Prince is hitting free agency. Look for the Pistons to take a Forward here.

9. Charlotte - Alec Burks – Charlotte need athleticism with the leave of GWallace, Alec can also shoot which the bobcats need immediate help with. Alec Burks will be a great fit with Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcats.

10. Milwaukee – Marcus Morris – Bogut is an injury waiting to happen. They need Height!!! Morris goes at number 10.

11. Golden State - Donatas Motiejunas

12. Utah Jazz – Kemba Walker

13. Phoenix – Klay Thompson

14. Houston – Chris Singleton

15. Indiana – JuJaun Johnson

16. Philidelphia – Josh Selby

17. New York – Markieff Morris

18. Washington – Davis Bertans

19. Charlotte – Kenneth Faried

20. Minnesota – Jimmer Fredette

21. Portland – Darius Morris

22. Denver – Jordan Williams

23. Houston - Shelvin Mack

24. OK City – Tyler Honeycutt

25. Boston – Trey Thompkins

26. Dallas – Justin Harper

27. New Jersey – Marshon Brooks

28. Chicago – Lucas Noguiera

29. San Antonio Reggie Jackson

30. Chicago - Nolan Smith

See the post bellow for Ken's picks. Also, check back tomorrow for Ben's picks and this weekend for "guest picks".


  1. I like parts of this. I don't see Kemba falling to Utah at 12. I am positive that Kemba will be a top ten pick. I feel that New York will take Darius Morris. I think you have Biyombo way too high along with Jordan Hamiltion. I also didn't see Jan Vesely who on my mock draft I had going to Utah at 3. I think Kemba will go to Sacramento at 7.

  2. You are probably right about Kemba, his draft steam is really heating up. I do however think Biyombo will be selected higher than most experts think. He has tremendous upside and will bring superior athleticism to whatever team drafts him.

    Thanks for the response.

    D the Producer