Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2011 NBA Mock Draft- Ken’s Mock

As you might have read in our last post, we are going to be doing a few mocks this week. Ken, Derrick and Ben will each be posting their mock draft on different days. Mine, “Ken’s”, is today. Derrick and Ben’s will follow in the next two days respectfully. Also, we stated that we might have some guest Mock Drafts as well. If you would like to have your Mock posted on the “Guest Day”, please email it to

So, you might be wondering to yourself, “Self, why did it take so long for STOB to do Mock Drafts?” Well, the answer is simple. We didn’t want to do any Mock Drafts until we knew the order in which teams would be picking. Otherwise, what’s the point? Now that the lottery has happened and we know where teams will be drafting, it seems like the perfect time to get our Mocks going. So, without further ado, let’s give the first one to you.

With the first pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers select-

Ken’s Mock Draft-

1. Cleveland – Kyrie Irving 15. Indiana – Jimmer Fredette

2. Minnesota – Enes Kanter 16. Philadelphia – Chris Singleton

3. Utah Jazz – Derrick Williams 17. New York – Darius Morris

4. Cleveland – Bismack Biyombo 18. Washington – Dontas Motiejunas

5. TorontoBrandon Knight 19. Charlotte – Tyler Honeycutt

6. Washington – Jonas Valanciunas 20. Minnesota – Josh Selby

7. Sacramento – Kemba Walker 21. PortlandDavis Bertans

8. Detroit – Jan Vesely 22. Denver – Jordan Hamilton

9. Charlotte – Tristan Thompson 23. Houston – Marshon Brooks

10. Milwaukee – Alec Burks 24. Oklahoma City – JuJaun Johnson

11. Golden State – Kawhi Leonard 25. Boston – Tobias Harris

12. Utah Jazz – Klay Thompson 26. Dallas – Kenneth Faried

13. Phoenix – Marcus Morris 27. New Jersey – Jordan Williams

14. Houston – Markieff Morris 28. Chicago – Nolan Smith

29. San Antonio – Trey Thompkins

30. Chicago – Justin Harper

There you have it. That is Ken’s mock draft. Feel free to praise him on it or rip him on it. He won’t care because he is pretty confident this is the way it will go down. Again, if you think your mock is better than this one, or you just want it added, please email

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