Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 NBA Mock Draft – STOB’s First Annual

2011 NBA Mock Draft – STOB’s First Annual

So, as you might have heard on this weeks’ podcast, we did our first annual STOB NBA Mock Draft. We started with a lottery, got the ping pong balls going and this is what the order was:

3rd pick = Ben

2nd pick = Derrick

1st pick = Ken

So, we all had a hand in the 1st annual STOB NBA Mock draft. Enjoy.

The commissioner is at the podium to get the 2011 NBA draft started, so, let’s let him take it from here.

With their pick in the 1st annual STOB NBA Mock draft…..

  1. The Cleveland Cavaliers select-------Derrick Williams (Ken’s pick)

  1. The Minnesota Timberwolves select------Kyrie Irving (Derrick’s pick)

  1. The Utah Jazz select-----Brandon Knight (Ben’s pick)

  1. The Cleveland Cavaliers select-----Kemba Walker (Ben’s pick)

  1. The Toronto Raptors select-----Bismack Biyombo (Derrick’s pick)

  1. The Washington Wizards select-----Enes Kanter (Ken’s pick)

  1. The Sacramento Kings select------Jimmer Fredette (Ken’s pick)

  1. The Detroit Pistons select----Jordan Hamilton (Derrick’s pick)

  1. The Charlotte Bobcats select-----Jan Vesely (Ben’s pick)

  1. The Milwaukee Bucks select-----Alec Burks (Ben’s pick)

  1. The Golden State Warriors select------Donatas Motiejunas (Derrick’s pick)

  1. The Utah Jazz select----Marcus Morris (Ken’s pick)

  1. The Phoenix Suns select-----Darius Morris (Ken’s pick)

  1. The Houston Rockets select-----Kawhi Leonard (Derrick’s pick)

  1. The Indiana Pacers select-----Jonas Valanciunas (Ben’s pick)

  1. The Philadelphia 76ers select-----Tristan Thompson (Ben’s pick)

  1. The New York Knicks select-----Markeiff Morris (Derrick’s pick)

  1. The Washington Wizards select------Klay Thompson (Ken’s pick)

  1. The Charlotte Bobcats select-----Josh Selby (Ken’s pick)

  1. The Minnesota Timberwolves select------Kenneth Faried (Derrick’s pick)

  1. The Portland Trail Blazers select------Chris Singleton (Ben’s pick)

  1. The Denver Nuggets select----- Marshon Brooks (Ben’s pick)

  1. The Houston Rockets select----Shelvin Mack (Derrick’s pick)

  1. The Oklahoma City Thunder select------Kyle Singler (Ken’s pick)

  1. The Boston Celtics select-----JuJuan Johnson (Ken’s pick)

  1. The Dallas Mavericks select-----Lucas Noguiera (Derrick’s pick)

  1. The New Jersey Nets select-----Tyler Honeycutt (Ben’s pick)

  1. The Chicago Bulls select-----Chandler Parsons (Ben’s pick)

  1. The San Antonio Spurs select------Reggie Jackson (Derrick’s pick)

  1. The Chicago Bulls select-----Jon Leuer (Ken’s pick)

There you have it. The 1st Annual STOB NBA Mock Draft. Feel free to email us at if you want to rip our picks or to pat us on the back for a job well done.


  1. Constructive criticisms

    1. Get some professional training cuz you WILL NOT get anywhere without it. There is an art to interviewing.

    2. Listen to yourselves! In one of your podcasts the guy with the high voice said "expecially" instead of "especially". Amateur hour. It's painfully obvious that you weren't prepared. You shouldn't try to swim with sharks if you can't even tread water. Start at the High School level and work your way up. At least learn the english language.

    3. Get some imagination, but mix it with class. Sports Tears in Our Beers? Gonna be hard to be taken seriously with a "handle" like that.

    4. Do your homework. Are you just reusing opinions from KFAN or 1500? I know there are only so many ways to look at something but you have to put your own spin on it. Present it from a new perspective.

    5. Pay attention. Your blogsite looks like it was just thrown together. Probably after you finished a 12 pack of natty ice. Proof read everything.

    6. Ambition only gets you so far. You also need substance and originality. And talent. Right now you have 1 of the 4.

    7. Don't be something your not. Know your weaknesses. Should be easy to point out.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. So, what interview are you talking about? The Doogie one? Also, we welcome all the negative and positive feedback we can get, so thanks. We know we aren't pros, heck, we have been doing this for about 2 months, so we are just getting our feet wet. You listed things that we aren't good at and that's fine. For it to be constructive, please give some examples of what you’re saying. Is there anything we are doing right? What brought you to the blog? Again, thanks for the post and thanks for reading.

  3. Is "cuz" a part of the English language? Maybe I need to go back to high school too then...

  4. To #1 fan – so just to recap, you don't like the:

    .... other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

    I'm only commenting here because I know the bloggers, otherwise there is no way I would take the time to do this. And you do make some good points (like on #4 in your list), but then you end up just sounding angry most of the time.

    The way I see it is this, the only thing more futile sounding than wandering around the internet and "Constructively criticizing" amateur sports commentary would be wandering around every Wal-Mart in America to give out fashion/hygiene advice. Either this was just a random act of critiquing, or you picked a really weird hobby. It’s like your trying to be the world’s most unnecessary superhero, “look up in the sky, it’s Randomly Drops in to Critique Start-Up Amateur Sports Commentary Man!”

    If you're going to take the time to comment on sports blogs this thoroughly, you are going to be pretty busy because most amateur stuff is completely horrible, and there is tons of it out there. I mean, how many bad sports blogs are there? That’s like asking, how many rocks are there? If it was a random act, that’s weird, and if it’s a habit, well, that just sounds exhausting.

    And you can't throw out comments like, "Probably after you finished a 12 pack of natty ice," and expect anyone to take your "Constructive criticism" seriously. That’s just a cheap shot.

    I also loved the comment, "swim with the sharks..." What sharks are you talking about? The lethal cutthroat world that is free internet sports commentary? This isn't Will Smith in the Pursuit of Happyness. I’m pretty sure the majority of bloggers all have other jobs. The way you write, it sounds like you’re assuming that the bloggers in this case think that their blog is something they are just waiting for ESPN to buy from them for millions any day now. I’m pretty sure it’s more like a hobby that is done for fun.

    Another great one is, "at least learn the english language," with the word "english" not capitalized. If Webster's is ever looking for a new definition of the word "irony," we may have just found it.

    I'm not saying you don't have some good points, but why not just do it by saying:

    "Cool blog, but you need to work on your professionalism and content if you really want to make it. Clean up the interviews, your grammar needs work, make sure you form your own opinions, be original, do your homework and make sure your lay-out and image is as professional as possible. You’re lacking in lots of those area, sometime significantly. Just offering up my 2 cents."

    Or, like mother always says, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

    There we go, you critiqued the blog, I critiqued your critique. And I know it’s only my opinion, but I think that this blog is better at being a blog than your critique is at being a critique.

  5. HAHA,

    Luke's response is great.

    Who actually does go around and rip on amatuer blogs.
    #1 Fan needs a life

    Saw this blog on Rubechat, I actually like it and though it could be a little cleaner, it has great content.