Tuesday, May 3, 2011

AL Central Power Rankings (5-1/5-8)

Well, the Indians just won’t stop. Maybe they are channeling some of that “Warlock” power from Charlie Scheen. Whatever it is, if they could power a little to the Twins, that would be great. The Indians have moved back on top of the AL Central power rankings. Heck, they are the best team in all of baseball right now. They have swept 5 series already this year. It would be a nice stat if they just won 5, but sweeping 5, that’s crazy. I still don’t think they have the steam to keep it going all year, but if they do, I’m happy for the city. See the complete rankings below:

1. Cleveland Indians (19-8): Streak = Won 6

2. Kansas City Royals (15-13): Streak = Won 3

3. Chicago White Sox (11-19): Streak = Won 1

4. Detroit Tigers (12-17): Streak = Lost 7

5. Minnesota Twins (9-18): Streak = Lost 6

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