Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dear PJ Hairston, We're Sorry. Sincerely, Mr. Duke

Dear TJ Hurstring,

Hi, Mr. Duke writing you on behalf of all Duke fans. We are sorry that the University in which we cheer didn't get your name correct in recruiting mailings. We are sorry that you chose to attend UNC over Duke in your final decision.

Here is the thing though AJ, we really don't care.

Mr. Hairspray, you wouldn't have seen much court time at Duke next year, that's the big thing. Duke landed Austin Rivers and any way you spell it...he is better than you PJ Stonhair. So while your a good SG (Rivals #13 2011 prospect), Duke got the best SG (and overall) prospect. Work on your defense there CJ so you can, if you get in to games while Rivers is in, attempt to slow him down.

RJ, you also wouldn't have seen the court because Duke prior to landing Rivers already had Seth Curry and Andre Dawkins fighting for the starting spot at SG. So BJ, while I understand your frustration with the recruiting mailings not spelling your name right. I am guessing the fact you wouldn't play much played into your decision more.

A little advice for you Mr. Durston, make sure you stretch your shoulder and arm next year prior to handing out Gatorade to Zeller and Harrison. After a long game on the bench I'd hate for you to pull something trying to help out the Tar Heels that will actually matter next year.


Mr. Duke via STOB

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