Monday, May 30, 2011

Jim Tressel resigns from Ohio St.

Is anyone shocked by this? The STOB crew isn’t. Once Jim Tressel was suspended for the first 5 games of the season for, what we like to call, “Tattoo Parlor Turmoil” the writing was on the wall.

“The” Ohio State football team is one of, if not the, top programs in all of college football. The same could be said about Jim Tressel as a coach. We know a lot of fans are of the opinion, “I don’t care what players do off the field, I just want them to win come game day”. Hell, we are the same way to some extent. However, you don’t want to let one thing go by with a slap on the wrist. All that does is promote the antics to happen over and over again.

Assistant Coach Luke Fickell will take over as interim Head Coach. So, he might just be the only person happy that this all went down. He now gets a full season to prove he can be the Head Coach of a big time program, not just the 5 games Tressel was suspended.

Being in Big Ten country and from Minnesota, you might think we are happy about this news. The truth is, we aren’t. Although some of us follow the Gopher Football program, we hate to see the Big Ten get a blemish on its history report. Do we think the Ohio State will have a down year due to this? You will just have to check back later on for our College Football Power Rankings.

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