Friday, May 6, 2011

Maryland's Gary Williams Retires After 22 Seasons

Gary Williams, 66, is done at Maryland after 22 seasons at his alma mater and bringing an end to a 33 year overall coaching career. Though he says he still feels he could coach, he has a craving to do something else while he still can. What will that be? Who the heck knows…maybe hyper-sweating disorder research? (Sorry...Duke fan in me coming out) One thing I do know is Gary Williams was a great coach for Maryland, leading them to a National Title in 2002 and winning more games than any other coach in Maryland history.

Here is a quick list of possible replacements for Gary at Maryland, a highly regarded job that could draw high profile candidates. Frank Martin the coach at Kansas State could be a fiery replacement for a fiery coach in Williams. Tubby Smith is a guy that seems to always be brought up for every job opening across the country and it has been rumored Maryland maybe his dream job. A long shot could be Sean Miller who is currently the head coach of the Arizona Wildcats. It’s always a tough call and those are just some big names that could be interested even though they are running quality big programs already.

Another thing, I have to wonder about the timing of this announcement. Gary Williams has always, it seems, run a clean program. With that in mind I should just take this as Gary Williams deciding, “I am done I don’t need this anymore.” Yet with college basketball being what it is these days with recruiting and academic infractions always in the news, I am forced to wonder. Wonder if the odd timing of this announcement could be a bad omen of things to come for Maryland basketball. Could Gary have some info on an upcoming investigation on possible violations and now decided to go “Calipari” on it and get out ahead of any discipline from the NCAA? I hope not, and again I have no reason to believe this other than the current “Calipari” sleaze laden college basketball scene that exists and forces a person to always wonder when something seams off. Again, I hope not and with Gary's past I don't think this will end up being true but felt I had to wonder aloud.

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