Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sports Angry Drunks vs. Happy Drunks 5/30/11

After seeing the finishes of both the Indy 500 and the Coca Cola 600, I got to thinking about a new post.  Every week or so I am going to write about who in sports recently is probably going to be an angry drunk and who will be a happy drunk.  So there is the intro STOB'ers lets get to it.Angry Drunks

JR Hildebrand and Dale Earnhardt Jr. -

Both these fellas better keep the booze to a minimum for a week or two.  They both were 1 turn away from victory and both ended up losing.  Hildebrand crashed into the wall without anyone else being near him in the Indianapolis 500.  It was his 1st run at the 500 and was so close to achieving the dream of winning it.  Yet as he was coming around the final turn with Dan Wheldon coming in his rear view mirror, Hildebrand let his guard down for a split second, which lead to a hard crash into the wall.  Then there is Jr., who also had the lead coming around the final turn, only Earnhardt was sweating out his gas situation.  It didn't end well, with Earnhardt's 88 car sputtering out of gas coming out of the final turn in the Coca Cola 600 and losing the lead as well.  Both these fellas were seconds away from being "Happy Drunks" but both are spending Memorial Day as "Angry Drunks".

Jim Tressel -

Lesson here kids is simple, "Don't Cheat."  Seems we learn this lesson every couple weeks now with some NCAA investigation probing it's way through a different program like UFO's at Area 51.  Yet, it just keeps happening.  Ohio State surprised me somewhat when the "OSU Crap for Tatts" (my name for it) controversy came up, but once the suspensions were handed out I thought the small issue would pass.  Then came word that Tressel knew about the sitch' and lied about it.  That is when it became very obvious that this was big.  Today came word that Jim Tressel, who has been amazingly successful, resigned.  How ugly it will continue to get at OSU is still yet to be seen, but it is going to get ugly if Tressel sells his OSU sweater vest for a bottle of Jack Daniels tonight.

Lance Armstrong -

With ex-teammates and "friends" getting caught in their own doping lies, now all of them are looking to take down the "Big Dog" with them.  I am not saying that Lance didn't do anything wrong, it is looking more and more likely that Armstrong was doping or doing something illegal while winning his 7 Tour De France titles.  The thing that bugs me is all of these "friends" were all too happy to be quiet and do that same thing, if not more, while Lance was making their careers for them.  Now that it's their bull being gored by doping investigations, they are chirping like a morning dove at 5 am.  Funny...it's all directed at Lance.  Crazy...some have book deals.  So they have leeched off Armstrong to get to the pinnacle of bike racing and now that their "legacies" are going to get tarnished, they have to again try to make more money off Armstrong while also tarnishing the only one of them that indeed has a legacy to be tarnished.  Lance is going to be an angry drunk tonight, hopefully no roid rage thrown in on top of it.

Happy Drunks

Dan Wheldon-

See above.  After he is finished with the ceremonial chug of milk, Wheldon is popping champagne with a smile.

Dirk Nowitzki-

He is German so he must like beer.  Well if Dirk is having a beer prior to tonight's match up with Miami in game 1 of the NBA Finals, he is smiling.  Though Coach Carlisle will be pissed that he is drinking before a game...but I digress.  Dirk needs to keep up his heroics and make sure he doesn't relive any of his past playoff let downs in the next couple weeks.  If he keeps it up, Dirk's legacy will be cemented as one of, if not the best foreign player in NBA history.

Novak Djokovic-

Novak is dominating and if he ends up winning the French Open he may become the new #1 of men's tennis.  Novak has now won 43 straight matches and is 41-0 this year.  Jelen has been voted as the best beer in Serbia...so Novak, who is Serbian, needs to pound a few of those Serbian brews once the French Open is over.

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