Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The New LFL team, the Minnesota Valkyrie - Try Out Recap

The Building of the Minnesota Valkyrie: 2nd Tryout

May 24th, 2011

Expectations for anyone who walks into a Lingerie Football League tryout are probably going to be the same. You expect to see a bunch of ladies more worried about looking good than about having good tackling technique. You expect giggling and laughing as coaches put the ladies through light workouts flipping the football around as if it were a foreign object to them. The Minnesota Valkyrie was having their 2nd and final official tryout of their inaugural season at the Vadnais Heights Sports Center Saturday. The STOB Crew came in with some expectations; those were quickly blown away by the reality that this was serious football.

“Technique! Technique! Technique! I don’t give a s#*% if you look good doing it!”

That and many other pointers…assertively…given out by Coach Tony Nguyen and his staff, made it clear that even though the ladies were going to be lingerie clad, they were going to be expected to play football. The tone was serious, intense, and focused as spring storms slapped the dome’s roof with rain on the gloomy May morning. Laughs and jokes did come but only when the 30 or so Valkyrie hopefuls took 5 minute water breaks. The other time in the 3 hour tryout was all work. It was filled with agility drills, football drills, tackling dummy battles, 40 yard sprints, and teaching moments from not only the coaching staff but select Valkyrie captains and projected starters from the first tryout.

“We don’t walk…ever!”

Coach Tony Nguyen said his tryout was “no where near” the intensity he expected in practice. If his expectation comes to fruition, these ladies will be in for grueling preparation leading up to the Valkyrie’s first ever LFL game. The first game will be a border battle versus the Green Bay Chill, another new team, on August 26th. As the hopefuls made their way from one drill to the next, Coach Tony continued his mantra of “No walking!” insisting the ladies sprint and not waste any time. He knows that the more practice the Valkyrie can fit in before August 26th the better.

“I don’t care if you’re wearing lingerie, this is football.”

Indeed it was and will continue to be. Every passer by, spectator and family member of the hopefuls left knowing this was the not a hope but a guarantee from Coach Tony. There were standouts that showed flashes of brilliance from the first drill. There were others who started slow but gained confidence and knowledge as the tryout came to completion. By the end, all the hopefuls knew what the coaching staff was expecting and were giving their best effort to ensure themselves a spot on the roster.

“Finish hard! If you don’t finish hard, you don’t make the team!”

As Coach Tony brought the last official tryout to a finish, some cuts were made. The majority though were invited to 3 day camps that will take place over the next two weekends. These camps will then narrow down the hopefuls to a roster of 20 players with 14 being active each game day. There was definitely talent gleaned from these tryouts. That talent will be the putty for Coach Tony to mold into his team and that team is the Minnesota Valkyrie.


  1. We're going all the way in this, our first year in the league. Minnesota has some of the toughest babes on the planet, period.

  2. Trust us, after the first try out, we know first hand.

  3. I saw some players that most men could not handle on a football field. I can't wait for the season to start!!!