Monday, May 30, 2011

The Valkyrie Voice – Training camp is just around the corner

First off, STOB would like to say happy Memorial Day to all of our readers and hope you have had a nice long and relaxing weekend. If you are a player for the Valkyrie, you might be rolling your eyes right about now. This past Thursday-Saturday, Valkyrie starters and hopefuls worked out at MMA in Eagan, MN. Some of the players, the hopefuls, tried to get an invite to the up coming training camp; others, the starters, were preparing themselves for the grueling season ahead. They put themselves through hell and showed just how dedicated they were by being there every day of the holiday weekend. If anyone thought the LFL was a sideshow, think again.

 While most of us were looking forward to relaxing with our favorite adult beverage and some BBQ this weekend, these girls were at workouts from 10am – 3pm. As with every try out, there are some that make it and some that don’t. As Coach Tony has said, “We will build a winner, or I will go gray trying” He wants girls that are coachable, and the players know that. If he sees a girl doing a drill wrong every time, even after being told what to do, she won’t make the team. It doesn’t matter if that player might be the most athletic person on the field. She will be packing her bags and hitting the gym to get ready for next years season.

The players that didn’t get cut will be at training camp starting this week in Vadnais Heights. Training camp goes from Wednesday – Friday and the girls better be prepared. We say that because they can expect much of the same; hard work, drills, yelling, discipline and an education in the game. Coach Tony might just be the most determined coach in the LFL. He expects his players to give 110% and he will give everything he has in return. He expects his team to be ready for the first game in Valkyrie history in the brand new border battle against the Green Bay Chill. You heard him last week, “I will be at the Superbowl, but not in street clothes. I will be in my coaching garb on the sidelines” If that doesn’t sounds like a determined and confident coach, what does?

So, check back next week to see how the first weekend of camp went. Also, if there are any questions you would like us to ask the players or coaches, please email them to

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