Sunday, May 1, 2011

Top 5 cities in the US to drink beer.

If you listened to the podcast this week, you would have heard us discuss this list. If not, here you go. It is provided by

San Diegois the new beer capital of theUnitedState.


Thirtieth Street
in North andSouthParksis easily the nation’s best beer boulevard.Hamilton’s Tavern and Linkery restaurant are the best place to drink beer inSan Diego.

Best Brews: Alpine Ale and Lost Abbey Duck-Duck-Gooze

2. New York City

New York Cityis home to more young, finicky drinkers. The greatest beer-bar scene in theU.S.More than 20,000 bars and restaurants operate within the five boroughs. Gaffel K├Âlsch at the cavernous “middle European” beer hall Radegast is the best place to drink beer.

Best Brews:Captain’s Reserve Imperial IPA, Brooklyn Intensified Coffee Stout


Portlandbrewers is once the anarchists of Craft Beer Nation.Deschutes, one of the world’s most inventive breweries, is now serving its genre-bending stouts at a new pub in the Pearl District.

Best Brews: Hopworks Urban Crosstown Pale,Deschutes Hop Trip


Philadelphiais the City of an upsurge in beer-focused events, and a strong brewing tradition dating to before founding beer godfather Ben Franklin and the Revolutionary War.Monk’s Cafe, a dim downtown beer hall, is headquarters of the local suds intelligentsia

Best Brews: Stoudt’s Pils and Victory Storm King Stout


Chicagohas become the epicenter of theMidwest’s microbrewing revolution these days. Most bars stack the chalkboard tap list with craft beers brewed an L ride away. And theWindyCityhas become one of the country’s best places for small-batch beer. Map Room, famous for intelligent tap list of American micros and hard-to-find Euro beers like De Ranke XX Bitter, is the best bar in theMidwest.

Best Brews:GooseIsland Matilda, Two Brothers Cane and Ebel RedRye

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