Friday, May 27, 2011

Who is in the 2011 NBA Finals?


“The Heat is on, the Heat is on on” Yes, Glen Frey should see some royalties from this song in the next few days. The Miami Heat will be representing the Eastern Conference in this year’s 2011 NBA Finals. After closing out the Chicago Bulls in come from behind fashion last night, they punched their ticket and will face the Dallas Mavericks from the Western Conference.

It comes as no surprise that these two teams have made it this far. Miami has the new, and best, “Big 3”, while Dallas has the more experienced team. It should be interesting to see how fans react to this match up. Will they fall in love with Dirk and the loveable Mavericks? Or will they realize that Lebron might just be the best player ever to play the game, all he needed was a sidekick like all the others (Jordan/Pippen, Kobe/Shaq etc.).

One thing is for sure, this should be a long series. Both teams are healthy and coming off 4-1 Conference Finals wins, so they should have their legs under them. I don’t think these teams worked this hard to get to the finals and not make it a 7 game series. Who do we think will win? No clue as of yet. Our gut says Dallas, but maybe we will have to grab a six pack and talk it out.

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