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2011 NBA Mock Draft - Ben's Mock 2.0

It is time for my 2nd (and probably final) version of the 2011 NBA Mock Draft.  There are quite a few changes from the my first mock.  As always I have reasons for every single 1st round pick laid out for you.  Who goes #1?  Where the heck is Bismack Biyombo going to get drafted?  How do you spell that one European guy's name?  It's all here STOB'ers.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Kyrie Irving

I went out on a limb on my first mock with Derrick Williams going #1.  Now that I look at it more there is too much of a threat that if Cleveland went Williams they wouldn’t get the PG they’d want at 4 in Brandon Knight.  So instead I know have Cleveland locking up their PG position with Kyrie right away at #1.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves – Derrick Williams

The TPups will trade this pick, with that being said the team moving up to #2 will be doing so to take arguably the most talented player in the draft, Derrick Williams.  Who that team will be is anyone’s guess.  There have been a ton or rumors on that and the Wolves will listen to anything.

3. Utah Jazz - Brandon Knight

No change here.  The Jazz have Derrick Favors and Al Jefferson, there isn't a need to take Enes Kanter at this spot. Look for the Jazz to replace the departed Deron Williams with the Kentucky PG. I think Brandon Knight will show very well in pre draft workouts and will maybe even start challenging Kyrie Irving for best PG in the draft by draft day.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers – Enes Kanter

Cleveland has their PG, now they address their PF/C need in Enes Kanter.  Kanter should be able to play well next to JJ Hickson as well as being able to pick and roll with Irving.  This is a great draft for the Cavs to get the best rated PG and big man in the same draft.

5. Toronto Raptors - Jonas Valanciunas

It seems that the Andrea Bargnani run in Toronto maybe coming to an end.  So remove on C and insert another in Jonas Valanciunas.  Jonas isn’t the same type of player that Bargnani is, he is much more post oriented and hard nosed.  Ed Davis isn’t a banger so throwing a little toughness next to him can’t hurt.

6. Washington Wizards - Kawhi Leonard

Leonard is shooting up draft boards and his athleticism and defense will be a welcome sight for John Wall and the Wizards. The Wizards will have an amazingly athletic and young trio with Wall, McGee and Leonard that could become very dangerous after some seasoning.

7. Sacramento Kings – Jimmer Fredette

Sacramento was amazed with Fredette after their team work out and may have just fallen in love with the BYU product.  Fredette can share PG/SG duties with Tyreke Evans in a way much like Dallas can do with their trio this year of Jason Kidd, JJ Barea and Jason Terry.  There will be nights that match ups mess with Sacramento but in general the 1-2 punch of Tyreke and Jimmer will be the match up problem for opponents.  Also Jimmer will bring a breath of fresh air in regards to character to a team that has struggled with character issues the past year.

8. Detroit Pistons - Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson is a big body that plays physically.  He fits Detroit’s mentality perfectly and is actually a very good value at 8.  The Charlie Villanueva experiment seems to be a huge blunder, bring in Thompson to possibly take Charlie’s job at PF.

9. Charlotte Bobcats – Jan Vesely

Vesely is more athletic, aggressive and proven than most Euro prospects have been in the past.  Vesely can bring some long athleticism back to the Bobcats after they traded away Gerald Wallace last year.

10. Milwaukee Bucks - Alec Burks

The Bucks are in great need of a SG that can shoot and score. Alec Burks looks at this point to be the best SG in the draft to do just that. Michael Redd is more than likely not coming back and John Salmons didn't produce at the rate the Bucks had hoped.

11. Golden State Warriors - Marcus Morris
The first Morris twin comes off the board at 11. The Warriors maybe set at the 4 and 5 with Udoh, Lee and Beidrins. Marcus can play the 3 and the 4. He will add a very versatile piece to an already freakishly athletic team in the Warriors.

12. Utah Jazz -Chris Singleton

Singleton is a guy who was in most people's top 10 prior to his injury this year at FSU. He has improved his shooting and is the best defensive wing player in the draft. I think in pre draft workouts he will shoot up the board. Utah will be losing Andre Kirelenko many believe and replacing a great defender with a great defender seems like a good idea. Jimmer gets passed up as the Jazz have already taken Brandon Knight at #3.

13. Phoenix Suns – Kemba Walker

With Steve Nash either on his way out of Phoenix by trade this year or by free agency next summer, Phoenix will be looking for a PG.  Kemba may not be a pure PG but definitely has the ability to get the job done and many forget that prior to this year, where he was required to carry the UConn offense, Kemba was much more a pure PG for Calhoun and the Huskies.

14. Houston Rockets - Donatas Motiejunas

If Yao ever comes back, Donatas would be able to play with him, with the outside shooting ability.  Yao though looks like his career maybe soon over, with that Donatas can play PF/C and would be a nice compliment for Luis Scola in Houston.

15. Indiana Pacers – Klay Thompson

Pacers are still looking for a SG to put next to Danny Granger; Klay Thompson is the best pure SG in the draft, with arguments accepted for Marshon Brooks.  After failing to get OJ Mayo in a deadline deal last winter the Pacers now grab a rookie in Klay Thompson to fill the SG spot.

16. Philadelphia 76ers - Markeiff Morris

With an aging Elton Brand and few options at PF getting Markeiff Morris here would be a nice fit for the 76ers. Last year they added a very multi-faceted player in Evan Turner and Markeiff will also bring versatility being able to play PF and probably slip in to the SF spot at times as well.

17. New York Knicks – Bismack Biyombo

Bismack Biyombo is probably the toughest player to predict his spot in this draft.  I think the fit with the Knicks is a good one, they need a defensive presence inside and they don’t need a bunch of scoring.  The Knicks have Carmelo and Stoudemire to do the scoring, Biyombo will be required to rebound, protect the rim and run the court all things that he can do from day 1.

18. Washington Wizards - Jordan Hamilton

More scorers to surround John Wall are needed and Jordan Hamilton fits the bill. SG/SF combo Hamilton is minus 3 inches in height but has some Rashard Lewis in him minus the monster contract...which to the Wizards, who are eating said contract, maybe nice.

19. Charlotte Bobcats - Darius Morris

DJ Augustin is a nice player, but may not be the PG of the future for the Bobcats. Darius Morris could turn into a future PG for a franchise in the mold of an Andre Miller. Morris will come in and maybe not challenge Augustin for the starting spot right away, but I believe could by season's end.

20. Minnesota Timberwolves – Marshon Brooks

I don't see this pick being made by the Wolves; I think they trade this either for a future 1st rounder or in a package for a veteran. They don't need more rookies.  Yet, if they trade the #2 pick they may just hang onto this pick and if Marshon Brooks is still on the board I think it is a good chance they take him.  Marshon Brooks is a pure scoring SG, something that the Timberwolves are in need of as Wes Johnson is more SF than SG and Martell Webster can’t be relied on at SG with his injury history.

21. Portland Trail Blazers – Tobias Harris

With Brandon Roy's knees being on the same level as Greg Oden's the Blazers will be looking for a wing player.  Harris isn’t all wing after playing a lot of PF in college, but can play the SF position and when Portland wants to go small they could slid him to the PF position to play next to Aldridge who can play the C in that situation.

22. Denver Nuggets - Kenneth Faried

Nene may be gone and Kenyon Martin is old, enter the energetic rebounding and defensive master that is Kenneth Faried. Faried just fits what the Nuggets have liked in big men during the George Karl era and will be a great pick at #22 because you know what your getting in Faried and there is little bust factor.

23. Houston Rockets – Tyler Honeycutt

I have the Rockets getting a big man at #14 now they will look to get a versatile wing man.   Tyler Honeycutt can come into Houston and be a defensive stopper much like the guy they traded in Shane Battier. 

24. Oklahoma City Thunder - Kyle Singler

OKC lost Jeff Green in the Kendrick Perkins trade, Kyle Singler does a lot of the things Jeff Green did. In fact you name it Kyle Singler can do it, just none of it at an elite level. OKC has elite level guys in Westbrook and Durant and a solid versatile role player ready to go day 1 in Singler would be welcomed on a team that lacks many needs and is ready to win now.

25. Boston Celtics - Trey Thompkins

Big Baby maybe leaving and KG is getting older and older along with almost all the Celtics big men. Trey Thompkins is a big body with some finesse to his game that will fit in nicely to the Celtics system.

26. Dallas Mavericks - David Bertans

The Mavs like European players and Bertans will be like many of the players in this draft, a good role player. A sniper from the outside Bertans will bolster an already lethal shooting team in the Mavs.

27. New Jersey Nets - Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams is a big body with a solid offensive game. Though he isn't an amazing athlete he is good at using his body and brain to get the ball in the bucket in the post. He could develop a nice pick n' roll game with Deron Williams in Jersey. I can hear it now, "Williams dribbles to the wing, Williams sets the ball screen for Williams, Williams to the paint, dishes to Williams, Williams pumps and now kicks to Williams....etc."

28. Chicago Bulls – Nolan Smith

The Bulls will want instant impact in at least one of their 2 picks at the end of the draft.  Nolan Smith may not have the upside of a Josh Selby but he is more ready right now. For a team that wants to win right now, the ability to help now means more.

29. San Antonio Spurs - Jon Leuer

I just have a feeling that Leuer will be very attractive to the Spurs even if it's a bit early to take him in the first round. Leuer will fit right into the Spurs system and I think surprise many with early contributions much like DeJuan Blair did with the Spurs his rookie year.

30. Chicago Bulls – Jeremy Tyler

The Bulls have their instant impact rookie in Nolan Smith, now they take a risk with the final pick in the first round.  Jeremy Tyler is a monster physically and took a risk by skipping college and playing 1 year in Europe.  Tyler was impressive in the combine and has the potential to be a steal at the final spot in the 1st round.

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