Friday, June 24, 2011

Draft Review – Timberwolves Style.

So after all the lead up, the analysis, the mocks, the discussion, the nail biting, the changes of heart and the antacid finally; the 2011 NBA Draft has come and gone. It is now tradition in the Kahn Era that the Wolves make a lot of noise in the Draft and yet again, Kahn did not disappoint. Though the noise didn’t come from the #2 pick, at least not yet, as was rumored in the days leading up to the draft, it came from the #20 pick and everything that went with it. So here is STOB’s review of the Wolves draft 2011.

The additions from the draft -

#2 pick: Derrick Williams, 6-8, F, Arizona

#43 pick: Malcolm Lee, 6-5, G, UCLA

#57 pick: Tanguy Ngombo, 6-6, F, Congo

In trade with Houston Brad Miller, 7-0, C

How the Wolves got them –

- Derrick Williams pretty obvious just stayed at #2 and picked him.

- Traded Jonny Flynn and the #20 pick (Donatas Motiejunas) to Houston for Brad Miller and the #23 pick (Nikola Mirotic), #38 pick (Chandler Parsons) and a 2013 protected first round pick from Memphis.

- Then traded the #23 pick (Nikola Mirotic) to Chicago for the #28 pick (Norris Cole) and the #43 pick (Malcom Lee).

- Then sent the #28 pick (Norris Cole) to Miami for the #31 pick (Bojan Bogdanovic).

- Then sent the #31 pick to New Jersey for the Nets’ 2013 second round pick and cash considerations.

- Finally they sent the #38 pick (Chandler Parsons) back to Houston for the #57 pick (Tanguy Ngombo) and cash considerations.

STOB’s Grades –

Ben’s Grade – B+

I would’ve given the Wolves an A if Derrick Williams fit a need better, which isn’t the Wolves fault for getting the 2nd pick in a draft that didn’t have anyone of that value that matched a need in it, but it is what it is. I like Derrick Williams. I think the kid is an explosive athlete but unlike most explosive athletes he has skill that goes with it. Most crazy athletes get by with that athleticism their whole lives and don’t develop moves or shooting ability offensively. Derrick has moves, ball handling and shooting ability to go with his athleticism. I like the pick, it may mean Michael Beasley is out the door or maybe that Derrick never puts on a Wolves uniform and the Wolves wait until after the CBA to trade the #2 pick for a veteran.

As for all the madness that ensued with the #20 pick, I like that in trading Jonny Flynn we acquired a future 1st round pick. The Wolves are without a 1st rounder next year and although the pick acquired in the trade with Houston is a 2013 pick I think the Wolves will probably use it to get into the 1st round next year. Brad Miller isn’t real exciting and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is bought out prior to the season. Malcolm Lee is a bit of an unknown for me, but in this draft where it was hard to distinguish the value of the guy picked at #15 from the guy picked #33 I like the pick. I think the Wolves didn’t see a huge difference in Marshon Brooks at #20 from what they could get at the SG position in the second round, which ended up being Malcolm Lee, and they decided to go with trading back to not be locked into guaranteed money with a 1st round pick.

A good draft for the Wolves but much work still left to do in figuring out how all the young talent will work together. There is a good possibility that after the CBA is worked out some of the young talent is packaged for a veteran from a team that is in trouble with a new salary cap. Keep an eye out for deals to be made post CBA, Josh Smith, Pau Gasol, Andre Iguodala, Steve Nash, Marcin Gortat, Chris Bosh, Danny Granger, OJ Mayo, Rudy Gay and more are all possibilities to come to the Wolves after the CBA is worked out. But for now, let’s be happy the Wolves got in some people’s mind the most talented player in the draft, for that, we as Wolves fans should be happy.

Ken’s Grade – A+

I think this was a great draft for the Wolves; mainly because I am considering Rubio to be in this draft class. However, like a reader told me, “Well, now our 2009 draft class was Brad Miller”. That is true, but you can’t live in the past.

I think the Wolves really didn’t need to do all that much in this draft since Rubio was coming. Entertainment value, I give them a C-. There were so many smoke screens and rumors out there that I thought something big would happen. It didn’t, but that is ok. I was down on the D-Will pick at first, like Ben, because he didn’t really fit a need.

However, once I started thinking about it, do the Wolves have any right to not take the best player available? No. They need as much talent on this team as they can get. Sure, D-Will doesn’t fit a need position wise, but he sure as hell does fit the “superstar” need. I’m also glad they didn’t trade the pick, because now this takes a little of the focus off of Rubio. He doesn’t have to be “The Face” of the franchise as much now, if D-Will pans out. It will be interesting to see how things play out. Seeing as there really aren’t many true centers in the league anymore, you could easily see a Rubio, Johnson, Beasley, Williams, Love line-up. I don’t know about you, but I like it. It’s young, hungry and can score. Question is; can they play D? I don’t know. But people that say they aren’t excited to see that line-up out there time to time are lying.

If I liked Rambis, I would have dropped the grade to an F, because that was, and still is, the worst handling of a coach firing I have seen. I can’t see that making other coaches wanting to come here. Overall, fun night and it will be exciting to see this team get together here soon and start work outs….unless there is a lock out. Insert a big Mr. Yuck sticker here if that happens.

D the Producer’s grade - C+

Ok, why the poor ranking you may ask? Well, Derrick Williams was a formality; we all knew it was going to happen. D-Will was the guy we had to take at #2 otherwise the Wolves fans would’ve been outside Target Center with pitch forks waiting for Kahn to leave.

Other than Williams, the draft was a disappointment. Why didn’t we draft a shooter? The Timberwolves have all of these long athletic guys that can drive to the hoop, dunk on you, and run up and down the court, but where are the pure shooters? Someone like JJ Reddick, Keith Bogans, Steph Curry… oh wait, we could have drafted Steph Curry 2 years ago.

There were so many opportunities to get a shooter this year, especially when we held the 20th pick. Marshon Brooks, Kyle Singler, Andrew Goudelock, Jon Diebler; all guys who can spread the defense out by knocking down the outside shot. By spreading the defense out, this would allow the stock pile of forwards we have to drive and work their magic around the rim without having a clogged lane to contend with.

Right now, all opposing defenses have to do is camp out in the lane and look to draw a charge. Another thing that bugged me was the Kahn going trade crazy with picks. I couldn’t keep up with what was going on. In Summary, I’m happy about the Derrick Williams pick and not happy about the rest of the draft.


  1. I agree with D the Producer. I would give the Wolves a C, maybe C+. D-Will was the best available and we need talent, but he didnt fit a need. They still do not have a pure shooter or perimeter scorer. There are still huge question marks about Rubio and how he will transition. I guess only time will tell!

  2. In all seriousness, Kahn drives me nuts. I admit, I am a total bandwagon fan of the Wolves but this clown treats this team like he’s playing Madden on his Xbox. I really feel sorry for the diehards. I never know who the hell is on this squad. My prediction, one player that is currently on this roster that we assume is untouchable will be traded for some European big dude we will never see, a 2nd round pick or two, and cash considerations, in some middle of the night trade because he likes to get cute and thinks he is outsmarting the rest of the league.