Monday, June 20, 2011

Kevin Love to the Lakers?

Rumors surrounding the Timberwolves are ALL over the place. The Warrior’s Monta Ellis to the Wolves for the #2 pick, Jonny Flynn to the Knicks for Toney Douglas. The most intriguing trade rumor thus far has to be Pau Gasol to the Timberwolves for the #2 draft pick and Kevin Love. If the Kahn pulls the trigger on this he might lose any credibility that he has left, which isn’t much.
Here at STOB, #2 and Love for an aging Gasol seems like a reach and outside of Shannon Brown there isn't much the Lakers can throw in that would sweeten the deal. Just Kevin Love or just the #2 pick for Gasol makes more sense and actually makes a lot of sense for the Wolves. It's reuniting the core of a Spainish National team that gave the "Redeem Team" a run for it's money in the Olympics with Rubio and Gasol. It gives the Wolves an All Star C and frees up their log jam at the forward position allowing Beasley to slide more to what some say is his more natural PF, while still playing some SF, also it allows Wes Johnson to play some more SF, which is his natural position over SG. Plus making Rubio more comfortable in Minnesota with Gasol would be a huge plus and hopefully aide in his adjustment to the NBA.

Of course all of this is still just rumors, but it's hard to see Kahn, a guy who has made so much noise with everything he has done while with the Wolves, just quietly taking Derrick Williams at #2 and moving forward with the team. Though that maybe the right decision, it just isn't Kahn's way, so expect some type of deals to be made by Kahn and if you are a TPup fan hope and pray this time the organization doesn't end up looking like a joke as has happened in the past.

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