Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Happy Hour Podcast - Back in Studio

We know you all loved the the on location podcast, but we had to bring it back to the studio. Also, Ben is back and we sure did miss him!

It's another Happy Hour Monday Podcast and we get into everything. So, make sure to listen to the whole show and we hope you like what you hear.

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  1. -The reason D-Wade took over the game is because Jason Kidd cannot play defense. Conversely, Lebron did not show up because Dallas did an awesome job of playing defense on him.

    -Technically, the new X-Men movie is a Prequel.

    -The only sequel better than the original is Terminator 2:Judgement Day.

  2. Nay, Lebron sucks Jake. I am sorry but the guy doesn't have it in him and everyone can see it. You think teams, better than Dallas BTW, didn't give it their all to stop Jordan? C'mon! Lebron is a great player, physically the best in the game right now and maybe ever. But the guy doesn't (yet) have "it". Wade has more of "it" in his left pinkie toe right now and that is why, come Finals, it's been D-Wades ball at the end of the game.

    PS Jason Kidd has been, and still is one of the better defenders in the league, so that argument also falls mute.

    Thanks for joining us today via telephone, amazing how good it came in, so if you aren't in studio expect your phone to ring more often.

    Maybe I am wrong, we'll put up a poll.


  3. Kenny's Greatest player of All Time (healthy) 2011 Game 4, NBA Finals: 8pts, 3/11 shooting.

    The Real Greatest Player of All Time (flu) 1997 Game 5, NBA Finals: 38 pts, 13/27 shooting.