Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NBA Draft Preview - Timberwolves Edition

Everyone has their own opinions as to what the Timberwolves should do in this year’s draft. They have the 2nd and 20th pick in the 1st round and no picks in the 2nd. Do they trade, stay put, draft a big man or a scorer? We will each break down what we think the Timberwolves should do. Feel free to comment as to what you think they should do.

Ken’s Opinion –

We know it has been known that Ricky Rubio was going to play next year for about a week now. Well, now that he actually had a press conference and is in MN, I believe it. This changes the whole draft outlook for the Timberwolves. It is anticipated that Derrick Williams and Kyrie Irving should be the 1st and 2nd pick….in whatever order you want them in. Of course, the Timberwolves have the 2nd pick and of course, they don’t need either player.

With that being said, I say they package the 2nd and 20th pick to the Golden State Warriors for Monta Ellis and the 11th pick. Monta can play the 2 which is a spot we need filled. Than, with the 11th pick, you take Bismack Biyombo.

Then, I would turn around and trade Mike Beasley, Johnny Flynn and Darko for the Cavs 4th pick this year, a 1st next year and salary fillers. With the 4th pick, you can take Enes Kanter or stash away Jonas Valanciunas.

That would give us a starting line up of:





Kanter or Biyombo.

Again, this is just my idea, but I would like to see it.

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D the Producer’s Opinion -

The Timberwolves will not get anywhere next season without a BIG MAN. Darco Polo is weak and some games invisible to radar. Pec looks like he has his roots still in the ground when he moves and is an offensive liability. What the Timberwolves need to do is trade #2 and Kevin Love for Pau Gasol and Shannon Brown. Yes, #2 and Love is a little much, however to get a top 3 Center in the league you would need to trade a high draft pick and an all-star like K-Love. Gasol would compliment Rubio nicely and Shannon Brown would fill the scoring that Love will leave behind. Love was an excellent rebounder; however Gasol will handle most of the boards when he is in the middle. In LA there were comparisons of Kobe and Shannon Brown and though that is very charismatic, they definitely have similarities. Brown can score inside and out and is extremely athletic. He can back you down and fade away, ala Kobe and his defense may even be a step above Kobe’s. Wolves will keep #20 and Draft Alec Burks. Wolves are a little weak in the SG position and this kid will work hard and give you much needed scoring ability.

Here is my dream starting lineup.






Ben’s Opinion –

I’ve gone over 1000’s of scenarios for the Wolves for this Thursday; all of the scenarios I went over in my head had the intent of making the Wolves into a playoff contender. The problem is none of the 1000 scenarios have convinced me that the changes made in them are enough to make the Wolves playoff ready in 2011-2012. So I’ll get away from the idea that the Wolves will be playoff ready next year and go with a very doable scenario that I think would be very interesting.

So here is the “Rebuild by turning into Spain” scenario.

-Draft Derrick Williams with the #2 pick.

-Trade Jonny Flynn to Portland for Rudy Fernandez

Why? –

For Portland - Because Jonny is worthless to the Wolves now with Rubio and Portland has an aging PG in Andre Miller that Flynn can back up and eventually replace. Flynn maybe just needs a change of scenery to find the potential everyone saw in the ’09 draft.

For Minnesota - Fernandez (from Spain…like Rubio) does need a change of scenery as he is a disgruntled backup to Batum in Portland, and fits with the Wolves who need help at SG.

-Trade Kevin Love and pieces (excluding the #2 pick, so like the #20 pick maybe and one of Darko/Pekovic/Randolph) to the Lakers for Pau Gasol

Why? –

For LA - Kevin Love is younger, from LA, fits next to Bynum, wants to win and Pau has worn out welcome in LA. With the #20 pick you can grab a player who can help right away (Kyle Singler?) but will never be a star, and with Kobe, Bynum and Love you don’t need a star in the draft.

For Minnesota - Pau is also Spanish, like Fernandez, and both of them played on the Spanish national team with Rubio. They can help Rubio adjust to the NBA and the Wolves have the core of Spain’s national team that gave USA’s Redeem Team a run for its money in the Olympics.

Negatives – The Wolves are taking on 19 million a year for the remainder of Pau’s contract and with possible changes in the salary cap system this could handcuff the Wolves with future personnel moves. Pau will be 31. Fernandez hasn’t had a great attitude in the NBA and could spoil the fresh fruit that is Rubio for the Wolves. Also Fernandez hasn’t lived up to his hype, much like Flynn, since coming over to the NBA and maybe never will tap into it. Derrick Williams is pretty much a saner clone of Michael Beasley basketball wise; will they be able to play at the same time? Or if both are in the game at the same time is it a given that one will be playing a position that is not best suited to them? They both are probably best suited to play PF in the NBA, especially defensively.

Both of these trades are very doable and realistic for the Wolves to pull off and it seems Cleveland is locked into Kyrie Irving at the #1 pick so Williams should be available at #2. They also achieve some goals the Wolves (should) have; find a center with Gasol, free up space at forward positions with the exit of Love, get something for Flynn, that something being Fernandez that also is a need for the Wolves in a veteran sniper of a SG. Do these three moves make the Wolves a contender next year? No. Does it put them closer? I think so, but again if a hard cap is instituted with the new CBA the Wolves will be very unhappy they have Pau Gasol’s contract unless he shows he can be a #1 option for the Wolves for the remainder of that contract. After all the realistic scenarios I’ve looked into, this is the one I am looking for the Wolves to make a reality, and even as I type this sentence I doubt how much I like it…

Starters and select back ups with my scenario –




Beasley/Williams/Anthony Randolph

Gasol/(whoever didn’t go with Love to LA in trade, Darko/Pekovic)


  1. D's take is embarrassing. No thought and a lot of daydreaming.

  2. Isnt that the point of this post, daydreaming about what they want the wolves to do????? Its not the gospel because D the Producer wants it to happen.

  3. Just bustin' your chops, D. Your opinions are at least a little more educated than the clowns at Target Center come up with. Kahn just better not try to out smart the world and do something stupid tonight. Until Glen Taylor and Rob Moor decided to hire a GM that knows basketball and the two of them jackasses keep out of that person's way, they will continue to be the laughingstock around the league. The way they have handled Rambis is a joke. They will get nobody with any coaching credibility to take this joke until they quit jerking around. They better get their crap straightened out before Rubio figures them out and demands a trade.