Thursday, June 30, 2011

NBA Lockout? We Don't Care.

What to do when you, the NBA, are coming off of one of the best, most entertaining seasons you've had in years?  Well what else?  Have a labor negotiation turn into a lockout and threaten the possibility of carrying over the positive momentum of last season into 2011-2012.  Yeah that makes sense.  No, really, that seems like the best idea.

Billy Hunter, head of the players association, emerged from a 3 hour meeting today with David Stern and the NBA ownership and announced the NBA has locked it's players out.  Awesome.  Oh sure, STOB could go into the details of what million needs to go where in order for the two sides to agree.  We could bring you daily updates of what David Stern's face looked like when he emerged yet again without an agreement from a lengthy meeting with Billy Hunter all summer long.  Instead look at the picture above, it will either look like that with a smile or a frown (minus the mustache...probably...unless he decides to go "B.A. Stern" by growing the 'stache again and intimidating his way to an agreement...), or maybe someone will catch him in a goofy pose.  Like the one's the tabloids enjoy doing with celebs, where they are caught in a pic looking like they are two knuckles deep picking their nose but in reality they are just scratching the opposite side of their nose.  Yeah, if they catch Stern on a booger hunt, we will more than likely post it.  But outside of that, don't look to STOB for up to the minute coverage of yet another lockout, as you may have noticed we haven't wasted any time with the NFL's greed fest either.

We, STOB, are fans of the NFL and NBA and all sports for that matter.  Fortunately for us (fans) we aren't dependent on these rich owners and players to continue on with our day to day lives. ( write a sports blog with your two a way you are dependent on them)  Crap!  There are other sports (WE SUGGEST THE LFL!!!) to keep our interest as fans.  As the MLB learned in 1994-1995, it takes a lot (including illegal drugs, huh 1998?) after an ugly lockout/strike to get us, the fans, back to caring that much about you, once you do come back.  We move on, we realize there is college basketball, which is better to watch anyways to me, to replace the NBA.  College football is also a great alternative (Did I mention the LFL, August 26th?  Green Bay Chill vs. Minnesota Valkyrie. Check it out on MTV2.) to the NFL.  Just tell us when all this over please.

Oh sure, the fans will be back.  The NBA and the NFL will recover just fine from these public relations disasters.  So you ask, "Why are you writing this long article saying they are so stupid then?".  I guess I am just pointing out that seasons like the last NBA season, help us to forget about lockouts, greed, and players stupid smug comments (looking your way LeFail James).  We don't really care who is getting this million and who isn't getting that million.  Just dance clowns (Unless you are in the NFL, just play football, if you dance you'll get fined) and entertain us for our entertainment dollar, whose grubby hand that dollar ends up in is that last thing we care about.  So I guess I am writing this article to let you know that if you are like us and if you are looking for a respite of seeing your favorite NBA and NFL stars in suits walking from meeting to meeting, come to STOB.  Because frankly my STOB'ers, when it comes to lockouts, we don't give a damn!

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  1. David Stern is such a douche. That smug prick wants to tell the public that every team should have a fair chance at competing but loves the fact that these superteams are developing in the big markets. Do you think there is something wrong when 2/3 of your teams are losing money out of their butts? Get a clue, David; you get what you deserve.