Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ricky Rubio Ad Ideas - MN based

With the news of the Ricky Rubio signing, see post below, we couldn't be more excited. Even if he is a bust, it's just nice to hopefully have it over and done with. Now, we just can't wait to see how the MN market uses Rubio in ads. Here are some examples we have come up with. We thought it might be fun to do since that was a big topic of discussion to get his buy out taken care of.

For Target: "My shot might not be on target just yet, but what is, are the deals on shampoo & conditioner this week at your local Target store."

For Best Buy: "If I don't start turning it around, fans might ask for their tickets back to use at a later date. Timberwolves won't do that, but Best Buy will with their new Buy Back program."

For United HealthCare: "When I break an opponent's ankles on the court, I always send them to United HealthCare to get them set up with the best health insurance around."

For General Mills: "They say Wheaties is the breakfast of Champions, but heck, even Ricky Rubio eats them, and he's not like anybody else."

You get the point, what marketing ideas do you have for him?

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  1. Rubios' Rubey Red Grape Fruit Juice.

    Start out smooth and then goes down sour.