Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ricky Rubio Agrees to Play for Wolves Next Year!

Per a person close to the situation Ricky Rubio did indeed agree to terms with the Minnesota Timberwolves prior to the May 31st deadline, reports AP's Jon Krawcynski.  In doing so Rubio will now be signed with terms fitting to the rules of the current CBA agreement which runs out this Summer.  Rubio will not have to sweat out the labor negotiations and expected lockout, he is now already locked in to a deal that will pay him around 3.5 million next season.

Quick STOB reaction tonight:

FINALLY!  The mystery man of the Kahn era of Timberwolves basketball is finally going to be brought into the bright lights...*cough*....of the Target Center and show if he can live up to the You Tube hype.  I know all three of us are very much looking forward to seeing Rubio's career develop.  We also are looking forward to seeing if this will lead to Kahn trading the #2 pick, which has been rumored.  The Timberwolves don't need a PG now with Rubio signed and don't need a SF/PF hybrid as they have Beasley.  Those two positions are the positions that we all know will be selected in the top 2 picks in the draft. 

Stay tuned for a ton more news and opinions on Ricky Rubio, right here, on STOB!

After all, we did predicte this would happen back on May 4th, so we are the source you should be following.

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