Friday, June 17, 2011

Rory roars out of the gates with a stifling 6 under round one!!

Rory McIlroy will take a lead into the second round for the third time, in four major golf championships, at the U.S. Open today. He told reporters after round one, that he intends to keep the lead this time.
The 22 year old phenom shot a 6 under, par 65, yesterday and was the only player in the 156 man field without a bogey or worse. “This has the same feeling as the Masters earlier this spring and we all know what happened during the final round – can anyone say-choke” noted Rory at the practice range early Friday morning. If Rory can stay consistent throughout a major and pull one off, I would be extremely frightened if I was a fellow golfer. He has the talent, but is still lacking in experience. Once he gets a few majors under his belt playing with the lead, keeping the lead will come much more naturally for him.

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