Wednesday, June 8, 2011

STOB's NBA Finals Game 4 Review - Wait Who is Sick?

Player 1: 8 pts, 7 asts, 9 rebs.

Player 2: 21 pts, 11 rebs.

Question: Which player had a fever of 101?

If you answered Player 2 you were correct. Player 2 was Dirk Nowitzki's performance in Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Player 1? Oh, he guy who was kind of just standing around in the fourth quarter...yeah...he was guarding Jason Terry...yeah Terry was smoking him in the fourth...that's right Lebron James. It is fitting that Miami's abbreviation is "MIA", since Lebron was "Missing In Action" in the 4th quarter only attempting 1 shot.

Dirk with his fever came out hot but cooled big time. Dallas was carried by the bench and role players for most of the game. Come the play of the game for Dallas, when they needed a shot on a possession with 30 seconds to play, up 1, they went to Nowitzki though. Dirk stood at the elbow with Haslem on his hip, watching the clock run down. Then he took off to the bucket, a little bit earlier than I would've thought, and put in a lay up with Wade and Haslem bearing down. Dallas went up 3. Wade got a dunk quick, leaving 9 seconds on the clock. Jason Terry knocked down 2 free throws, putting Dallas back up 3 and leaving the game to one final play for Miami with 6.7 seconds.

Spoelstra drew up a play, but that play never materialized as the inbounds pass to Wade from Mike Miller was dropped by Wade. He was able to save it from a back court violation to Miller, whose desperation 3 point heave at the buzzer came up short. Notice a name that didn't come up in that entire description of the end of the game? Lebron. Yet again Lebron was in the background the entire 4th quarter.

So now we move on to Game 5 Thursday. Lebron needs to shake all of this crap off. It is time to stop lacking any offensive aggressiveness, in Game 4 it was the entire game, but more so in the 4th. Lebron needs to come in to Game 5 and instead of giving some lame cliche speech before the game that ESPN caught on camera, he needs to say one sentence, "Give me the damn ball!" This is Lebron's moment to win 2 games for Miami as "The Man". With the ball in his hands in the 4th quarter. In his hands for the final shot or game changing shots of games. He has as many as 3 chances left in this series to prove his intestinal fortitude and shut up his critics, myself included. Shut us up by getting it done Lebron, otherwise you are what we all came to the conclusion you were this past summer during "The Decision", not "The Chosen One" but just "The Chosen One...if Wade is Covered".


  1. In terms of arguing LeBron’s legacy being tarnished for leaving, and needing to form his own super team to get rings, here is what I think:

    When asked if he would have gone to Clevland to join LBJ Wade chuckled and said, “not a chance.” LeBron may never have had the same opportunity if he had stayed in Cleveland because nobody wanted to join him there. He really had a tough decision because he was born into the NBA in a dump hole with no friends, not in LA with Shaq/Phil or Chicago with Pip/Phil.

    Jordan and Kobe were different because they were luckier than LeBron, that’s right, luckier. They lucked into STARTING there careers in a huge market. AND, they had very good management who surrounded them with a top 15 all time player (Shaq) and a top 50 all time player (Pippen). And BOTH of them had Phil “11 Rings” Jackson, not Mike Brown.

    So LBJ left Cleveland to give himself a chance. And the more I look at it, is his team really as “stacked” as it’s always referred to as being? Look at his supporting cast: Bosh is showing himself to be a good player of low-level allstar caliber, nowhere near an all time great. The rest of the fill ins will get better as they can add role playing vets through the years, but right now, they are not very good at all. Bibby? Chalmers? Mike Miller?
    And then the biggest question comes to his partner in crime. Is Wade better than Shaq? Better than Pippen? Hard to say.

    I’m not a huge LBJ fan, but I don’t hate on him for leaving. How he did it was dumb, but everything related to media in the NBA makes me very annoyed so why would that be an exception? If Wade left MIA to join in CLEV would everyone hate Wade? I guess a lot of people hate Wade anyway, I love the way he plays and that’s all I really care about.

    Here is how I approach the whole thing:
    I just can’t follow the hatred logic and don’t want to argue the pecking order of greatness. Arguing opinions makes me dizzy because so often people are so stubborn and dumb in their thinking. I have NO problem with disliking a certain player and loving another, but I would rather have normal discussions on players and what they do than rip on players just because I don’t like them as much. Why does Lebron scoring 8 have to be shot back at with, “well Wade sucked in the last 30 seconds!” Who cares. They are their own separate issues. We are obsessed with making it a stupid soap opera and I hate that. He’s a leader, he’s a shrinker, he’s the clutch one, he’s not as good as MJ but would be better than Kobe if he had Shaq and on and on and on!

    I have to take the media and the hype COMPLETELY out of it and just watch the game these days. I can’t go in comparing Kobe and MJ and LBJ. I just watch the game. No pre-game or post game and don’t listen to Skip Bayless and Mike and Mike. I’ve had a lot more fun this playoffs doing that. It feels more like the sport I loved as a 11 year old kid than a drama.

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH This comment makes me very angry and I couldn’t disagree more.

    When asked if he would have gone to Clevland to join LBJ Wade chuckled and said, “not a chance.”
    Was this before or after Lebron had already gone to Miami. If so, this is a very different point. If he said it before then it’s a hate on Cleveland and validation of the move, if he said it after it’s validation or Lebron coming to Miami. Aka it’s dumb

    surrounded them with a top 15 all time player (Shaq) and a top 50 all time player (Pippen).

    Sick – Pippen a top 50 player? Wow, that’s bold….he really dominated in Portland without MJ (I know he was old, but he sucked) I know that’s the conventional wisdom but I really don’t think that at all… all….ish

    And the more I look at it, is his team really as “stacked” as it’s always referred to as being?

    Yes Yes yes YES and YES! Are you kidding me? Take the last 10 championship teams, do any of them boast anywhere close to the same top 3 talent? Boston is the only close one but all of there guys were not in their prime. We’re talking about a PRIMED LeBron, Wade, and Bosh not an old pierce, older allen, and crazy KG.

    ? If Wade left MIA to join in CLEV would everyone hate Wade?
    No – but I would hate Wade if he left Chicago (his hometown) to go to Cleveland (or anywhere else).

    Bottom line LeBron is a really good player who’s a pre-madonna. Before joining the NBA he asked for a “green card”. No not for immigration purposes but a green card like money that he could buy anything with at anytime. Now I can see the same ridiculous actions by someone who’s been in the NBA for awhile, but he said this in high school…he’s a punk

    And yes – the fact that people think that he’s better than Kobe makes me hate him more. I’m biased, deal with it.

  3. Mostly fair counterarguments, Reed.
    1 Wade said it after, but I’m sure he believed it before so does it really matter? Nobody was joining LBJ in Cleveland, I’m not going to hate him for leaving to avoid struggling on there. If I was from Ohio, I would be pretty mad though, but I’m not.
    2 Pippen is on every top 50 GOAT list and when MJ went MLB, Pip lead them to game 7 ECFinals vs Shap/Penny pretty much alone.
    3 Maybe they are pretty stacked. You’re probably right, the talent amount is really high. I guess my point is I’m not so sure how well built they are for success though. Obviously talent overcomes most, but like the 04 Dream team, you cant just throw together the best player and get the best team. They are really lacking a lot of things like outside shooting, and low post scoring/defending is almost non-existent and so on. Pure talent, they are better than Boston. I would not say LA though. Kobe and Shaq were a perfect combo inside outside. Bosh is a face up 4 and Wade and LBJ always start at 3pt line or in. So they are always taking turns doing similar things instead of complimenting each other like Boston or LA. Pau LA they are obviously better than. I’m saying that they aren’t necessarily as well constructed as those other teams. I guess that’s what you get when players do the arranging instead of the GM. Does that make more sense?
    4 This one is so opinion based it’s really not worth commenting on too much.

  4. Dirk Nowclutchzki.