Monday, June 27, 2011

S.T.O.B. T-Shirt Giveaway Winner - Matt L.

Sorry for the delay, but we have a winner. It is Matt L. from MN.

He answered all the questions first.

Congrats and welcome to the S.T.O.B. Crew!

Remember, if you would like to purchase a shirt, look to the right. All the details are there. If you would like more info on the shirts, please contact

Questions and Answers from first giveaway.

1. We will start you off with an easy one. What are our names?

Ben, Ken, and Derrick

2. According to a pole on one of our post and podcast, what is the #3 Best City to Drink in?

Portland, Oregon

3. Who are the 2 most underrated players in this years NBA draft according to Ben and Ken.

JuJuan Johnson and Keith Benson

4. What did “D” the producers suggest you should drink during the 3rd game of the Vancouver vs. San Jose playoff game.

Surly Furious beer

5. What are the names of the first 3 girls we interviewed for the “Get to Know” segment on the Valkyrie?

Kendra Leigh Ruff, Whitney Meierotto, and Jana Skrtic

Thanks everyone for reading.

We love our fans and could be doing another giveaway soon, so keep checking back.

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