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The Valkyrie Voice - Around the LFL: 06/21/11

So we’ve been keeping you up to date with what's going on with the Minnesota Valkyrie, now let’s take a look around the entire LFL. Reports have been coming in droves to the STOB mailbox regarding some of the teams in the LFL. First let’s take a look at all the teams in the league then we’ll take a closer look at some teams and what they have been up to while preparing for the fast approaching season.

In the 2011-2012 season of the LFL, its 3rd, there will be 12 total teams competing to get to the Lingerie Bowl.
Eastern Conference
Cleveland Crush
Baltimore Charm
Orlando Fantasy
Philadelphia Passion
Tampa Breeze
Toronto Triumph

Western Conference
Chicago Bliss
Green Bay Chill
Las Vegas Sin
LA Temptation
Minnesota Valkyrie
Seattle Mist

The new teams this year include Minnesota’s own Valkyrie, as well as Cleveland, Las Vegas, Green Bay and Toronto.

Highlights Around the LFL

Orlando Fantasy –
Orlando is thrilled to have picked up Anonka Dixon to play QB. Anonka was the conference leader in passing last year on the now shut down Miami team. She will be battling for the starting spot with Jeannete McCoy who also plays MLB. Another addition from the Miami team is Etta Paul (RB). Etta has a great combination of speed, agility, quickness and power that could prove to be a killer combo with Dixon. Finally defensively Orlando also picked up a Miami leftover in Vonshari Hoardes who will be playing LB. It is clear that the dissolving of the Miami team will prove to be beneficial for the Orlando Fantasy this year.

Tampa Breeze –
Though built on experience, the Tampa Breeze is still in the hunt for a QB so far this off season. It is a three lady race currently; KK Matheny is currently the teams #1 with Denisha Crawford filling the #2 spot. The other contender for the QB position is a rookie; 19 year old Mariah Tona who is looking to make some noise but is still getting her feet underneath her with all the complexities in the offense.

Seattle Mist –
The Seattle Mist franchise is trying to bounce back from a last place finish in last year. In doing so they are working very hard to put together a winning product for the Seattle faithful. A big piece of the puzzle for Seattle will be with QB Angela Rypien, a rookie who in a recent cold weather outdoor practice struggled with her accuracy. If Seattle is going to improve from last year Rypien is going to have to find her accuracy no matter the weather.

Baltimore Charm –
If the Baltimore Charm have the same charm on the field as the other football team in Baltimore, there will not be many teams in the LFL looking forward to seeing them on their schedule. The Charm officially opened training camp on June 18th and right away Coach Rick Reeder had the ladies going through some serious workouts in order to get ready for the season. After 3 hours of brutal drills it was clear that Baltimore’s reputation for being a tough football town will continue on with the Charm in the LFL.

So there you have it, some quick hits from around the LFL. STOB will be bringing you some news from around the LFL every now and then so that all of our Valkyrie fans are up to date on all the goings on.

This Saturday the first scrimmage for the Valkyrie will be taking place. STOB will be there so keep an eye out for a write up and a large section of the next podcast covering the scrimmage.
Also, keep a close eye on LFL360.com for more information on all the teams in the LFL as well as STOB’s posts about the Valkyrie and the LFL at large.

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