Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Valkyrie Voice: QB Situation

As all football fans know, the quarterback position is widely considered the most important on the field and in the LFL the QB is just as important.  The QB needs to know where all of the offense is supposed to be within each play.  In the 2 months of practice so far the Valkyrie QB's have been working hard to be as best prepared for opening night,  August 26th against Green Bay, as they can be.  On Saturday the Valkyrie scrimmaged against a mix of teammates and local male athletes.  STOB was there to see it all and we kept a close eye on the quarterbacks.  The Valkyrie have 3 quarterbacks on their 20 player roster and we'll profile each of them and what we saw in Saturdays scrimmage today in the Valkyrie Voice.

Valkyrie Current QB Depth Chart:

1. Jana Skrtic
2a. Jocelyn Bendijo
2b. Roxy Berning

Strengths and Weaknesses -

Jana Skrtic #7-

Strengths -

Live Arm - It doesn't take long to notice that Jana has the strongest arm of the QBs.  On Saturday she was throwing balls effortlessly 40 yards in the air and, though not confirmed, STOB thinks she could complete a pass across the full length of the LFL field (50 yards) .

Height - Jana's height so far seems like an advantage, she has a few inches on either Jocelyn or Roxy and that allows Jana to see more of the field over the line and incoming pass rush.  In the scrimmage she made a couple throws with a defender in her face that a shorter QB wouldn't have been able to make.

Accuracy - Watching Saturday it looked like Jana was most comfortable throwing the deep ball or rifling it to the WR on comeback routes.   In those two types of throws Jana seems to be right on every throw.

Presence - When watching Jana quarterback the team on the field on Saturday it was obvious that she was comfortable and she had a calm demeanor even when the rush was in her face.  This is due to countless hours studying film and the playbook.  Jana knows where everyone on offense is supposed to be and knows if they are there she can get it to them.

Weaknesses -

Speed/Quickness - This is more in comparison to the other two QB's on the roster who are quicker and faster.  Jana will need to work on getting quick feet in order to side step the rush to allow her to show off her rifle of an arm she has.

Touch passes - As mentioned ad nauseum so far, Jana has a cannon.  She can make every throw, but if there were one throw we saw her struggle with some, it would be the touch passes.  On short crossing routes and flare screen passes out of the backfield Jana was a little less accurate.  She will just need to work on finding the accuracy when she isn't bulleting 25 yard posts.

Jocelyn Bendijo #2 -

Strengths -

Speed - Jocelyn seems to be the fastest of the three quarterbacks, atleast in STOB's eye test on Saturday.  Jocelyn is going to be a great option for Coach Tony if he looks to running the option some.

Arm Strength - When it comes to putting some zip on the ball, Jocelyn can definitely do it.  Prior to the scrimmage when running through plays, Jocelyn was firing off nice spirals in medium range throws that wasted no time getting to the WR.

Weaknesses -

Accuracy - As mentioned Jocelyn has a strong arm, at this point it isn't as accurate as she'd like.  On go routes there were a few that, while having great distance, missed either outside or inside the WR.  Jocelyn definitely has the potential to be a good thrower with her arm strength and it will probably just be a matter of getting more reps.

Comfort Level - Jocelyn looks good throwing the ball, but there just seems to be a difference in the comfort level between Jocelyn and Jana when they have the ball in their hands and when making throws.  This again is due to only a lack of reps that after 2 months is to be expected, before August 26th Jocelyn will definitely improve in this as she already has since the last practice STOB attended.

Roxy Berning #16 -

Strengths -

Speed/Quickness - Much like Jocelyn, Roxy will be best suited as an option QB.  She looks very comfortable running with the ball and STOB expects she will be used in some running situations.

Improving Arm - It has only been 2 months that the Valkyrie have been practicing, prior to those 2 months most of these QBs hadn't thrown a football for extended periods of time.  It is a new skill and Roxy is maybe the best example of how much the past 2 months have aided in improving.  Roxy is looking more comfortable throwing and is firing off nice spirals now with good arm strength.

Weaknesses -

Accuracy - Much like Jocelyn, Roxy isn't quite on Jana's level of accuracy yet.  On Saturday Roxy made great throws but also there were some errant attempted scattered in that, as with Jocelyn, have already improved since we last saw her throw and will continue with more practice time.

Comfort Level - Also much like Jocelyn, Roxy's comfort level in the pocket isn't quite where it needs to be yet.  Again, more practice time will enable the pocket to feel like home to Roxy and will help to improve all aspects of her quarterbacking.

In summary, STOB thinks that the Minnesota Valkyrie have 3 very solid quarterback options.  Jana is again the first option moving forward, with Jocelyn and Roxy currently much on the same level and experience looking to get slotted in at the backup position.  With three big arms it maybe wise to stock up on extra ice in the training room for the reciever's hands after catching some of the fastballs from Jana, Jocelyn and Roxy.


  1. I just wanted to add that my name is spelt Roxy. Please make this change! Thanks STOB we love you!

  2. Sorry about that Roxy, it was sent to us on the roster as "Roxie" it is fixed now on our roster we have up and in the story. Thanks for reading and listening!

  3. Thanks! Yea they are working on getting the name changed over as well!