Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Valkyrie Voice – The Roster is Set

All the blood, sweet and tears have now paid off. The final roster for the MN Valkyrie has been set at 20 players. Of those 20, 14 will be active on game day, while the other 6 will be inactive.  

These ladies battled day in and day out to get to where they are today; Minnesota Valkyrie football players. After watching these ladies over the past few weeks, we know just how much that means to them. A lot of people out there still don’t believe that this is a real sport and that these girls are giving everything they have. Trust us, they are. They are out there for the fans and to bring an exciting product to the state of Minnesota.

These players are practicing 3-4 times a week as a team and than hitting the gym on their own 7 times a week. They have something to prove….. everyone wrong. They want to show that this isn’t just a side show with a bunch of pretty girly girls. No, they want to show the world that they can play smash mouth football and dominate while doing it. They want to give you a reason to come out to the Target Center and cheer them on. These players don’t get paid, so let’s get out there, cheer them on and let them know we are behind them. Do we really want Green Bay to have a better fan base than us?

The first game is August 26th against the already hated Green Bay Chill and the players know they still have a lot of hard work in front of them. Not only because they don’t want to lose the game, but also because they don’t want to let their fans or the Coaching Staff down. Especially coach Tony. Earlier this month commissioner Mitch Mortazza through out a friendly wager between the Green Bay coach Gilbert Brown and Coach Tony. The wager, whoever loses has to wear all pink during the next game. Coach Tony doesn’t hide his feelings towards the color pink, “My message to coach Brown, I hate pink. There is nothing worse than having to wear all pink for your first home game. I have no plans on wearing pink. If I do end up wearing pink, the girls know it will be their problem come practice time.”

With that being in the back of the girls’ minds, you know they will be focused as ever. Coach Tony said he won’t lose any sleep over the bet and he isn’t worried about his team either. He knows these girls bleed purple & gold and even though these are women playing; there is no place for pink on this team.

Here is the roster. Get to know it. They will soon be household names and you don’t want to be left in the dark.

Roster goes in order of jersey #. Which number will you have painted on your body come game day?


#1 Tereza Govrik = WR/CB

#2 Jocelyn Bendijo = QB/CB

#3 Cydney Froelich = C/LB

#4 Whitney Meierotto = WR/S

#5 Kendra Ruff = S/WR

#6 Laura Gutilla = RB/CB

#7 Jana Skrtic = QB/DE

#8 Leah Perzichilli = WR/CB

#9 Kirsten Behr = T/DE

#10 Leekplay Paye = RB/DE

#11 Angie Hanson = WR/CB

#12 Kelli Gillispie = C/S

#13 Chrissa Landwehr = T/DE

#14 Tyler Powers = T/DE

#15 Lisa Bastien = RB/DB

#16 Roxy Berning = QB/S

#17 Brittany Austin = T/DE

#18 Kelly Kobold = T/DE

#19 Elizabeth Govrik = WR/CB

#20 Britany Mitchell = RB/S

Coaching Staff

Head Coach = Tony Nguyen

Defense Coach = Scott Sandbo

Offensive Coach = Everette Lindsay

There you have it. Your 2011-2012 Minnesota Valkyrie Football Team. You know the names, numbers and positions. Now, get out to a game and get to know the faces. Get all your friends together, plan a road trip and head out to Green Bay. We will be doing a podcast from the tailgating parking lot. So, come out and show your support for S.T.O.B. and the MN Valkyrie. See you in Green Bay August 26th.


  1. Any way we can find a roster spot for the Grams sister on the Valkyrie? YEAH BABY!!!

  2. LOL, I think the roster is full as of now, however we def will bring it up to the Valkyrie coaching staff.

    Thanks for reading

  3. Can we at least get some pictures of the sisters in scantily clad clothes for the website? A little skin can go a long way.