Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What is Ken Listening to This Week – Swimming with Dolphins

Well, it’s been awhile since the last installment of “What is Ken Listening to This Week” but guess what; it’s back!

This week, I am listening to a local band out of MN. Not only is he local, but he is a friend of the show. The band is “Swimming with Dolphins”. I know, great name. On top of that, you couldn’t ask for a better CD to get addicted to just in time for summer.

Austin Tofte is the lead singer and he fits the bill perfectly. He brings a nice mix of pop, dance, hip-hop and creativity and wraps it up perfectly into a 10 track disc of awesomeness. When recording the CD “Water Colours”, available now on Itunes and Amazon, he did it all on his own. Pretty impressive. He does have a band when he performs live, which brings a whole new element to an already awesome sound.

My favorite songs on the CD are:

“Holiday” – This is the first song on the track and that is the perfect spot for it. It starts out with a very catchy sound and flows right into the silky smooth styling’s of Austin who is joined by Sarah Beintker. Once this song hits your ear, you will be begging for more.

“Water Colours” – The title track song might be the best of all. To me, the song seems to be about a girl Austin loved that was getting played by another guy. “He’s got a hold of your heart now baby, that’s why I have to let you go”. I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to that line at some point in time.

“I Was a Lover” – This is the song that makes this a perfect summer CD. “I bought a track jacket, some running shoes. I had no pockets, so I had nothing to lose. Took a run from all my winter blues…till it was summer” If you know me, I hate winter and I am always thinking about running from it when it is here.

All in all, this is very underrated CD. I was actually upset at myself for not knowing of this awesome project until last month. Austin is a great guy and an ever better musician. So, do yourself a favor and hit up your local record store or the electronic music world that is the internet and buy it on Amazon, Itunes and Tooth & Nail.

For our podcast fans, we might try and have Austin on as a special guest.

There you have it. So, is there anything out there that I should be listening to that I’m not? Throw out ideas; I’m always up for putting in the headphones and checking out new bands.

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