Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who Will be the Next Timberwolves Head Coach? – Ken’s Take

A lot of you might be wondering why we are writing about who the next Timberwolves head coach should be when they currently have one. The answer is actually pretty simple. We here at S.T.O.B. don’t think that Kurt Rambis will be the coach of the team this year. Not only that, some of us don’t think he should be the coach.

When Rambis was first introduced as the new head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves, I was ecstatic. Granted, he had no head coach experience, but he had been learning under one of the best coaches to ever walk, or sit in his later years, the sidelines in Phil Jackson. I thought, this was just what this team needed, a leader. Not just any leader, but a leader that would lead by example. We all remember the rough and tumble playing style of Kurt. So, why would I think his coaching style would be anything different? I was wrong.

Rambis lead the team to a 32-132 record his first two seasons. His win total doesn’t even amount to a .500 season….in one season. His style was boring and played out. He treated this team as if it was the Lakers, like they could coach themselves on the court. Hate to break it to you, but this isn’t the Lakers. You will need to coach these young guys, not just sit there and act disinterested. So, why would all of this, the record, the coaching style, warrant a 3rd year? It shouldn’t. This team needs to make a change and they need to make it soon. The draft is coming up on Thursday June 23rd and if we don’t have a coach, that will be the second time in three years under Kahn that we went into the draft without a coach.

I know what you are thinking. “Hey, Rambis is still the coach, so they will have one.” You are right, he is. But, if he isn’t a week or two later, in my book, that is just the same as drafting without.

So, you might be wondering who I think the front office should call. Who do I think could turn this team around faster than you, the reader would, if Kim Kardashin walked by. The answer? Bob Knight.

Now I know Bobby has never coached a game in the NBA and maybe for good reason. However, I think he could be the punch in the face, literally, that this franchise needs. I have always said, when you have a young team, you need a very motivating coach. As we saw, Rambis wasn’t that, but Mr. Knight would be. He isn’t afraid to yell at players and call them out. We have essentially a college team on our roster; why not bring in one of the best college coaches of all time?

This team isn’t full of big egos, yet, and would be open to learning from one of the greats. With Rambis, like I said, he didn’t seem to care. You could see that rub off on his team throughout the year. Knight would not let that happen. Knight would demand great defense and work ethic day in and day out and his players would give him everything they have. When Rambis came in, he had just as much head coaching experience as the ball boy. Knight, well, he has coached 42 season of college basketball. That’s longer than anyone on the current Timberwolves roster has been alive….by a long shot. That number is also greater, by 10, than the total number of wins Rambis has racked up as a head coach.

Now, it’s not all about the team winning more games. No. That isn’t the only reason Bob Knight would be a great fit for the Timberwolves. It would also bring some desperately needed fire and energy into the dark, lonely Target Center. Sure, Rambis can yell at Joey Crawford and get sent to the locker room, but would he throw a chair on his way out? I don’t think so.

- Ken

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  1. Out with Rambis, In with D the Producer! We're Coming!!!