Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 MLB Homerun Derby Predictions

If you are like most MLB fans, the homerun derby is the best part of the All-Star festivities. At S.T.O.B., we feel the same way. This year it will be held in Arizona. If the weather man is right, humid weather makes the ball go further, that should mean we should see some balls splashing in the pool tonight.

This year has a little bit of a change involved. Participants were picked by team captains. The team captains are David Ortiz from the AL and Prince Fielder from the NL.

They each picked 3 players to join them for their respective leagues. The teams are as follows:


David Ortiz

Adrian Gonzalez

Jose’ Bautista

Robinson Cano


Prince Fielder

Rickie Weeks

Matt Holiday

Matt Kemp

You know we like to make predictions and for the homerun derby, we are doing just that. We are picking who we think will be the final two and who will win it all.

Ken’s Picks:

Ortiz vs. Kemp

Kemp winning it all

Ben’s Picks:

Holliday vs. Fielder

Holliday winning it all

D the Producers Picks:

Weeks vs. Gonzalez

Gonzalez winning it all

Guest Picks (Luke Anderson):

Fielder vs. Bautista

Fielder winning it all

So there you have it. Our picks have been made. Feel free to comment on who you think will be walking away with the crown this year.

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