Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2011 MLB Homerun Derby Results – Say it Ain’t Cano

If you picked Robinson Cano to win the derby, you can stop reading now. We don’t like liars. Don’t get us wrong, Cano is a good hitter, but with all the other names participating, he was on the back of everybody’s minds.

Kemp, Holliday, Gonzalez and Fielder. Those are names you expected to win this year, at least we did. Only one of those players, Gonzalez, made it to the finals. He had 11 homeruns in the final round which was a record. But it wasn’t enough.

Robinson Cano, with his dad pitching, hit 12 bombs. And I mean bombs. You would think towards the end of the 4 hour event that these guys would be tired. If there was fatigue, it didn’t show in the finals. He stayed calm, balanced and just let the bat do the talking.

Now, we aren’t big Yankee fans here in MN; can you blame us? However, this was a good show put on by a good guy. It’s almost painful to know that Cano was a possible trade piece for Johan Santana. Sigh.

Now all MLB fans will be focused on the All-Star game tonight. Won’t they?

Full Homerun Derby Results:

Player /Team      Hr's by round    Round 1 - Round 2 - Subtotal - Finals - Total     ( ) = swing off

Cano/Yankess                             8              12              20           12         32

Gonzalez/Red Sox                       9              11              20           11          31

Fielder/Brewers                          5 (5)         4                9                            9

Ortiza/Red Sox                          5 (4)          4                9                            9

Holliday/Cardonals                    5 (2)                            4                            4

Bautista/Blue Jays                      4                                 4                            4

Weeks/Brewers                        3                                  3                            3

Kemp/Dodgers                         2                                  2                            2

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