Friday, July 15, 2011

New Blink 182 single “Up All Night” – What Ken’s Listening to This Week

8 years! 8 F%*$^@G years. That’s how long Blink fans have been waiting for new music. Sure, they had side projects, +44 and AVA, but those just weren’t blink. Do I like them? Of course.

Just wasn’t Blink.

Well, now the wait is over. They have released a brand new Blink 182 single. “Up All Night” is the title and has been teased for 2 years running. Was it worth the hype? In my book, yes. They have carried the sound from the “Untitled” album over to this single.

I know some fans, including myself, love the older stuff on “Dude Ranch”, but I don’t see much of that being on this CD. The band has grown and it shows through in their side projects. This album will be a mix of the latest Blink 182 and the side projects. I have no problem with this.

Neither should you. It’s Blink182 after all.

They will also be releasing another single titled, “Ghost on the Dance Floor”. As Bart Scott would say, “Can’t Wait!”

Review of “Up All Night” – Hear it here

This might be the most anticipated single in the history of “pop-punk” music. I don’t think they let fans down. It has elements that every Blink fan will love and remember. As well as things that will lure in new Blink fans.

They did a great job of making the first single a dual vocal track. The last thing Blink fans wanted, in my opinion, was a Mark dominated track. Not because they dislike Mark, but because it shows that Tom put work into as well. With all the rumors of him not being all that invested in Blink, it’s a great sign.

Travis does his thing as always and kills it on the drums. It’s a heavier song, which I don’t think most fans were expecting, but I love it.

They are coming out swinging.

Look forward to a review of “Ghost on the Dance Floor” as soon as it is out.

What do you think of the single and are you anticipating any new songs I should be aware of?


  1. I love Blink. Couldnt wait for this CD to come out.

  2. I can't wait for after midnight studio version to come out!

  3. Same. It is just nice to have new Blink music to look forward to. Sept 27th can't come soon enough.