Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Valkyrie Voice – Expansion Team on The Rise

If you are from MN, you already know that sports fans here are loyal. Twins, Vikings and Timberwolves are loved and always have been. The Valkyrie are hoping fans will add them to that list. S.T.O.B. took to the streets to see if the fans will do just that.

“I am intrigued by the lingerie part. If it’s real football that will make it that much better.” When we started this, we had the same thought as Jake from Fridley, MN. The players know that a lot of the fans will more than likely have this same thought process. But they know once they see them play, the lingerie aspect will be the last thing on their minds.

We here at S.T.O.B. want to make the curious fans excited for this new, sexy and in our mind, underrated team. Everyone knows about the Temptation and their reputation of being back to back LFL champions. What they don’t know, is that the Valkyrie have a great shot at dethroning the Temptation this year. They will get their first shot to do that in the much anticipated home game at the Target Center in Minneapolis on October 14th.

“I admit it, I follow winning teams. If the Valkyrie are winning, I’ll jump on the wagon.” Steve from Maple Grove isn’t the only one who shares this thought. All we have to say to Steve is this, buy your Valkyrie Jersey now, you will regret it if you don’t.

The other teams around the league will be overlooking the Valkyrie just like Steve and we can’t blame them. Hell, they haven’t even played a game. We will guarantee this though, they will wish they didn’t. Once they get a look at starting QB Jana Skrtic and RB Leekplay Paye the might just consider making a carrier change. These ladies might be considered Rookies, but they have the skills to be All-Stars and the league and its fans will know their names by season’s end.

Jana has a rocket arm that will make cornerbacks pray the wide receiver drops the ball. Because that is the only way she won’t lead the league in completion percentage. Leekplay has the speed and strength to have players hiding from her when she takes the ball up the middle. If they don’t, they get to know the training table very quickly. These two alone have what it takes to carry this team to Minnesota’s first professional football championship. Throw in the 18 other emerging players on the roster and you have an unstoppable team on your hands.

“Yeah, I read your post and I see the girls have talent, but every team, no matter what sport, needs a great coach.” John from St. Paul couldn’t be more right. Luckily for the Valkyrie, they have just that. Coach Nguyen. He is stern, aggressive and sometimes a little harsh. He can be. This isn’t powder puff football and the players know it. He has the respect of his team. He has earned that respect by also being prepared, thorough and educational. He knows the game and it shows.

In our book, he may very well be the most energized coach in this league. “I can promise you this; we will bring exciting and real football to the Minnesota fans.” When you see the look in his eyes, you know he means it. When you watch the players during practice it shows through their play, that he teaches real football.

Like we said, the Valkyrie have the makings of a championship team.

Are we getting ahead of ourselves? Maybe. But, when you tune into MTV2 on August 26th to watch the Valkyrie run the Chill out of the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin; don’t say we didn’t tell you so.

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