Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Valkyrie Voice – Running Back Situation: Dynamic Duo

Two is usually better than one.

The Minnesota Valkyrie are hoping that’s exactly what they have in their backfield.

The running back of a football team is the workhorse. They are expected to carry their squad in tight situations, but unlike the cerebral-centered nature of the quarterback position, running backs are expected to not only have a firm understanding of the in-game situation, but use their strength and guile to achieved the desired result. Be it a game-changing 4th-and-1 or a go ahead goal line score for the win.

They are counted on to do it all.

They are game changers and leaders. They are expected to relay the plays from the sidelines to the awaiting huddle, block an opposing defender, catch a quick outlet pass and of course, run the ball.

Coach Tony Nguyen believes the Minnesota Valkyrie have just that. “When you have two potential starting running backs, that’s always helpful."

The two players he is referring to are #10 Leekplay Paye and #15 Lisa Bastien.

Both running backs have vastly different playing styles. Leekplay is more of an upright bruising back, while Lisa is a scat, low to ground back. Both provide the Valkyrie with an endless array of options.

Bastien, a former star with the Minnesota Machine, brings with her experience as well as skill. To the average eye, she doesn’t appear to be an LFL running back. However, the saying, “Good things come in small packages” applies here. She could cause serious match-up issues for opposing defenses. Her low center of gravity makes her a hard target to tackle, while her speed allows her to burst through holes only she can see.

Paye, on the other hand, has the perfect running back build: tall and muscular. She will provide the Valkyrie with an ideal change of pace back. Paye runs tall and hard. Unlike her backfield 'mate, she provides a bigger target for preying defenders, but those linebackers approaching for the kill could be in for a rude introduction when she utilizes her great strength to plow through their coverage.

With the way professional football is trending, two feature running backs is becoming the norm. With physical play being prevalent all around the LFL, teams never know when someone could go down.

No fan, player or coach ever wants to see an injury, but they are part of the game. With a team like the Valkyrie, there are a lot of unknowns, so it must be comforting to know this team has two players in a pivotal position that have earned trust. Trust not only from the coaching staff, but the platoon of players that will be riding their backs.

Being that the Valkyrie are new to the league, it will be interesting to see what style of play the team gravitates towards. With the LFL, in our opinion, being a run-heavy league, the Valkyrie are poised to fit in just fine.

On August 26 on LFL Presents: Friday Night Football on MTV2, the Valkyrie face off against the Green Bay Chill in what is becoming the hottest border battle around. Make sure to tune in, this is real must watch TV.

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