Saturday, October 22, 2011

2nd Quarter Quick Hitters

Kim Roysten: Minnesota DB

Huskers start with the ball from the 18 yard line.

REVERSE!!  82 yard run by WR Kenny Bell. (Momentum Changer)


22 yard return by Bennett.  Gophers will start with the ball on the 27.

Gray with a 6 yard run, you would think he is our starting running back.  Gophers have only thrown the ball twice.

Gray with another carry, gain of 3.

Kirkwood carries the ball for a first down.

Gray drops back and throws it deep looking for McKnight, there is a lot of contact but the pass falls incomplete.

3rd down, Gray passes incomplete intended for Green.  Gophers punt.

Huskers will start with the ball from the 24 yard line.

Martinez with 12 yard gain for a Huskers first down.

Big passing play from Martinez to Kinny for 61 yards.  First and goal Huskers. (Momentum Changer)

3rd and goal from the 1,  Martinez pitches the ball back for a -7 yard loss.  25 yard field goal good.


Gophers with nice kick return called back by holding penalty.

Gray fumbles the ball at the 11 yard line, returned for a Nebraska touchdown. (Momentum Changer)


Gophers start with the ball from their own 35. Gray with a run for 6 yards.

Gray with a 30 yard run after the fake handoff.  (Momentum Changer)

Gray with a pretty pass to Moulton, Moulton drops it.  Come on Gopher reciever, help Gray out a little bit.

Gray with a gain of 1, 3rd and 9 Gophers.

Bennett with a carry, gain of 8 yards. 4th and 1 Gophers, big decision to go for it by Kill.

Gray drops the snap, Huskers gobble him up in the backfield.  1st and 10 going the other way Nebraska.

Nebraska with two short runs, 3rd and 3 now.

Abdullah with a 9 yard gain for a Husker first down.

Martinez passes to Turner for a 13 yard gain.

Martinez passes to Bell for a gain of 8 yards.

Abdullah with a 7 yard run for a Cornhusker first down.

Huskers struggle to get yards first 3 downs, brings up up 4th and goal, Huskers going for it.

Burkhead with a 4 yard run for a Cornhusker touchdown.


End of an ugly first half, Gophers need to make major changes during halftime.

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