Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gophers vs. Cornhuskers Quick Hitters - First Quarter

Taylor Martinez:  Nebraska Quarterback

First Quarter:

Gophers win the toss and elect to recieve

Bennett bobbles opening kickoff, Gophers will start from their own 11.

Gophers start the game off with a running play, 2 yard game from Bennett.

Gray with a play action run for a gain of 8 yards.  First down gophers.

2nd down pass complete from Gray for a 6 yard gain.

3rd down pass from Gray attended for Jones incomplete.  Gophers Punt.

Ugly 23 yard punt.  Huskers will start with excellent field position.

Burkhead gain of 5 yards.

Martinez runs a quarterback draw for a gain of 3 yards.

Burkhead with a 4 yard gain for a Cornhusker 1st down.

Gophers provide heavy pressure from linebacker Keanon Cooper, incomplete pass.  3rd and 10.

Gophers with huge sack on 3rd and 10, negated by a 5 yard offsides penalty.  (Momentum Changer)

3rd and 5, Martinez runs for a gain of 8 yards. 1st down Huskers.  Penalty's kill.

Burkhead with 19 yard run.  1st and goal Huskers.

Huskers do nothing on first 2 downs.  3rd and goal, crowd getting into it.

Gophers with huge stop on 3rd down, no flags.  Huskers try a 22 yard field goal.

It's good!

Gophers - 0
Cornhuskers - 3

Gophers start with the ball on the 31 yard line.  Let's see if they can get past midfield.

Gray with a shifty 5 yard run.  Looked like he ran about 10 yards.

Incomplete pass from Gray, 3rd and 5.

Incomplete pass by Gray brings up 4th down.  Huskers will have good field position again.

Huskers start with the ball on their own 35 yard line.

Burkhead with a 11 yard gain first down.

Martinez passes to Bell for a 8 yard gain.

Burkhead 2 yard gain for a first down.

Burhead with a 19 yard run, another Husker first down.

Huskers do nothing next to plays, 3rd and 2 Huskers.

Gophers stop the Huskers just short of the first down marker, 4th and inches, Nebraska goes for it.

Gophers stop the Huskers on 4th down, Huskers fumble the ball forward out of bounds for a first down.  Very odd play. (Momentum Changer)

Huskers score on a screen pass to the fullback.


After the kickoff the Gophers will start with the ball from their own 25 yard line.

8 yard run by Bennett.

Bennett with the carry, no gain.  3rd and 2 Gophers.

Bennett with another carry, gain of 4.  First down Gophers.

Gophers run on 1st and 2nd for a total of 3 yards.  3rd and 7.

Gray scrambles for a 5 yard gain.  Gophers will need to punt again.  THROW THE BALL GRAY.

End of 1


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