Wednesday, October 26, 2011

LFL Commissioner Mitch Mortaza Speaks on Controversy Surrounding Youth Outreach and Toronto Triumph

Every week commissioner Mitchell Mortaza takes to the podcast airwaves to talk about the LFL, usually the discussion revolves more around the upcoming games and games from the past weekend.  This week though there is much more controversy surrounding the league and with that Mitch committed a good portion of the "Commissioner's Corner" to these issues.  It is good to hear his point of view and the reasoning for how things have been handled in both situations after many wrote about it and many opined on it, we opined as well much in the defense of the LFL with the information we had gathered from both stories and our experience within the LFL as bloggers.

Here is that audio from the talk of the controversies starts at 18:50 mark: Man Radio | Commissioner's Corner | Week 11 by lingeriefootballleague

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