Thursday, October 27, 2011

Minnesota Vikings: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

With the hot topic in Minnesota being about the Vikings getting a new stadium or not, I figured I should take to the streets of Minneapolis and see what people think.

“I could really care less,” said Brian Johnson. “They haven’t been had an impact on my life in anyway”

I was a little shocked to hear this. I mean, I knew I would run into some people that don’t care either way, but Brian seemed annoyed, almost angry about the topic. I have to say though, I kind of agree with him.

No, it’s not because the team is currently 1-6 or the fact that they have never won anything. It’s just that I don’t think tax payers should be charged for something they may or may not use. This isn’t a highway.

I know it would bring a bunch of new jobs and opportunity to the state, but with the unemployment rate being under 7%, that isn’t really a factor to a lot of Minnesotans.

“This would be the third stadium in the past 5 years,” July Larson said. “Sure TCF Bank and Target Field are amazing; it just seems like overkill.”

This I would disagree with. The two said stadiums are an amazing edition to the state. I don’t think another one would be overkill. It’s not like we are buying 4 purple hooded sweatshirts in one week, these are things of art.

I don’t think anyone told Picasso to stop painting after the first couple. Hell, maybe they did, I wasn’t around then.

Point being is I’m torn on the whole situation. We all know that if the Vikings do leave, the state and the NFL will just bring in a new team within 5 years and build a new stadium anyway.

So I say keep them….or get rid of them…or…


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