Friday, November 18, 2011

A Fan In Press Row – Thoughts on Gophers vs. Fairfield

Pretty Much Sums Up Tubby's Thoughts Last Night

Sloppy, ugly, boring, pathetic and successful.

One of those things is not like the other. You guessed it, successful. However, that is exactly what the Gophers were last night.

Sure there were the other things as well, but in the end, the only thing that gets you to the “Big Dance” is being successful. Now would I like to see those other words replaced with more comforting words? No doubt about it.

The sloppiest stat of the game has to be turnovers.

The Gophers committed 23 turnovers in 40 minutes. That is not good at all. The Stags had 20 of their own, but who cares about them? Not me.

Think about that. That means that there were only 17 minutes of turnover-free basketball by the Gophers. That’s if you assume they were turning it over once every minute; which is actually being kind because they had stretches were it was more frequent than that.

The ugliest part of the game has to be the 3-point shooting.

“This is the best shooting team I have had in Minnesota”, said Smith. We have heard it time and time again this year, but when will we see it? The Gophers went 2-8 from three and Oto was the only one that hit one.

I’m not sure if I’m more upset about the 25% clip they shot at or the fact that they only attempted 8 from beyond the arc.

The most boring part of the game has to be the way we didn’t move the ball.

The first two games the Gophers moved the ball in the half-court set very well. They even had someone off of my favorite sites, Gopherhole, contemplating if his eye sight was failing him. This was a good thing.

They need to keep playing that way if they want to cause fits in the B1G. The Gophers have a chance to do something special this year in the B1G if they play the way they are supposed to.

The most pathetic part of the game has to be the 6pm tip-off.

First game on the Big Ten Network and it looks like we have no fans. That won’t make people want to leave the comfort of their couch to experience “The Barn”. Even Jim Jackson said, “This just isn’t The Barn right now. Maybe it’s because it’s a non-conference game.”

No JJ, it’s because of the stupid 6pm tip-off. If anyone was at the Bucknell game, they know how loud it can get for a non-conference game.

The most successful part of the game goes to two things. First, they won. Second, Mbwake went 16-18 from the free throw line.

For the most part, Trevor had an off night. He was 2-7 from the field, had 4 turnovers, only one block and a missed dunk. However, he did finish the night with his first ever 20 point 10 rebound game.

He got 16 of his points by going 16-18 from the free throw line. A very encouraging sign indeed. He knows, as well as everyone else, that teams are going to foul him. So, after every practice he doesn’t leave until he hits 50 free throws. Love the dedication. He wants Tubby to know that he can be trusted late in the game with the ball…at the free throw line.

Keep this up and Tubby will have no problem trusting you my friend.

Lastly, the team won. They are now sitting at 3-0 and haven’t played their best ball yet. That to me; is a good thing. Usually the Gophers start the year out by blowing teams out and maybe getting a little too over-confident. These close games let them know they still have something to work on.

The Gophers don’t play again until Monday against Mount St. Mary’s. Until then, make sure to check out Gopherhole for updates and great back and forth.



  1. Highlight of the night in my mind, and keep in mind what king of game it was, was maverick ahanmisi. I like Andre Hollins and think he has the skills and attitude to lead us this season, but it ended up being maverick's night. It was evident that, as Tubby said a little while back, Mav is the only guard who has memorized, and therefore can run, the complete playbook. Some including myself are surprised to hear that Tubby has a playbook with more than just lazily pass the ball around until someone shoots a 3 written on it, but nonetheless mav looked like he knew what he was doing and was talented enough to execute last night. props, and sorry this went a little long.

  2. Again, thanks for reading. Yeah, Mav has played well the last two games. I think he has really put in a lot of time and wants to play. He was getting beat up pretty bad last year by fans, media and Tubby. I think he knows he is better than what he produced last year and that could be a great thing for this team. I do think Andre Hollins is and will continue to be the starter, but Mav, not Welch is right there waiting in the wings. No worries on going long. It's a comment section, that is what it's for. Thanks again.