Monday, November 14, 2011

Edwards, 3 car lengths ahead going into Homestead-Miami

The 2011 Nascar season will come to an end this Sunday at Homestead-Miami.
The chase for the #1 spot could not be any closer than it is now, with veteran Tony Stewart just 3 points behind Carl Edwards. With the Nascar points system, the points you earn are broken down by the position you end up in at the end of the race. If Stewart crosses the finish line 5th this weekend, and Edwards crosses 9th, Stewart would beat out Edwards by 1 point. Even if you cannot stand Nascar, you have to admit, this is going to bring some drama.

Nascar has had drama in other areas over the past few weeks. We all know about Kyle Busch on the track, and off the track troubles this season; most recent, his incident with Ron Horniday, where Busch spun out Horniday in a Craftman truck series race. This cost Busch's chance to stay in the chase points wise, and also hurt his standings with his current sponsors. Tony Stewart is also making noise on the track winning 2 of the last 3 races. Stewart is making his push for the championship well known after stating many times over the past few weeks, "we are just going to keep doing what we're doing. We're going to keep the pressure on him (Edwards), and we're going to make him sweat it out."

Edwards will definitely be sweating the last race of the year out with former Nascar champion Tony Stewart just 3 points in his rear.

Here are STOB's predictions on who will be crowned champion on Sunday afternoon:

Derrick- Carl Edwards

Ben- Tony Stewart

Ken- Tony Stewart

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  1. It really sucks Kyle Busch had to be such an A hole and spin out Ron. I think if he can get his attitude together he will have better chance at winning some racing during the chase.f

  2. Yeah, personally I think Kyle Busch needs to grow up and focus soley on driving. He has so much talent but needs to put the peices together before he can become a serious threat.
    Thanks for reading

  3. NASCAR Sucks!!!!!